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    Alright, so a day back I decided to do a Priest NPE and through-out playing with all my other NPE friends, we basically assisted each other in pots, gear, and etc. So in the meantime while I was doing a tomb with my priest NPE, I got several white bags and then someone traded with me showing his glorious protection tome. Well, he wanted my Nile ring in trade for the protection tome, however since I was doing an NPE I declined his offer. However, he then told me he himself was an NPE which I hardly believed, but after that moment I asked myself, "Why isn't there an established mode for NPE players? Heck why not just add an indicator that indicates your doing an NPE?"

    The Idea

    Basically, all I would care about is if there was a way to allow other players to know that you are doing an NPE. However, I believe this can be extended into many other features such as disabling non-NPE trades, a separate NPE leaderboard, and maybe a minor reward at the end for completing an NPE. For instance, there would be an option at the screen when creating a character, and it would tell you whether or not if you wanted to do an NPE. From creating an NPE account, the player will not be able to retrieve items from their vault, buy items from the market, and trade with other players. Also, it'd also be pretty cool to have a separate leaderboard for NPE players- now let's get into the issues with this problem.

    The Issues

    Alright, so many of you probably are asking right now "What the hell is the purpose of this, when you can just abide to the NPE rules and not break any of them?" Well to be honest with you, the feature would be completely useless, but it however will allow players to see the legitimacy of one another's NPEs. Also, it'd be pretty cool to have a separate leaderboard for players that like starting fresh and growing rather then starting out rich and accumulating a lot of fame. But in the end, the programming would be difficult, because it would result in many revamps of currently used systems. So in short, this is an idea that could be made but most likely won't be since it's too hard to implement in the first place. However, it would be fun- at least in my opinion

    Your Thoughts?

    Well, you could say it in itself is a bad idea but- I posted this to know what all of you guys out there think about it. Also, what would you want the reward for completing an NPE be? Or how would you consider an NPE completed? Fame gain increase? New star ranks? Well post your opinions down below, and I'm ready to get my official Lame Ideas award!

    Editions.. (As of 7/17/2016)

    Once the player has reach 8/8, the player should be given the option to either stop doing the NPE (You can play normally again), or to continue doing the NPE with a small multiplier bonus which should range from 1.1x to 1.2x since it would otherwise be overused for glands farming. Also the multiplier should not activate until the NPE has reach 8/8, or else it could be used as a cheap method of obtaining a lot of fame (Thus breaking the economy). The multiplier should not increase the fame you get when you die (Like a boring percentage bonus), but rather increase the rate at which you gain fame mainly since it'll seem like a good reward for continuing an NPE. This will thus make NPE's useful.

    Another note should be that in the menu screen, there should be some indication that a player has completed an NPE before, whether it be an extra star or text. Also other players should recognize that the player has completed an NPE on a certain class before, whether it be a faint glow on all characters in the same class or just a small (NPE Completed!) within the small menu when you hover over a player name. So basically like class quests except it's not represented in stars, but rather in any way you guys would like to see it occur.

    Public brown bags should not be seeable by NPE's whether dropped by an NPE or another player.

    When an NPE that is 6/8 or higher dies, it should have a different color or maybe something indicating that an NPE died... (For those badass 6/8 or higher NPE's out there to get recognized for being awesome).

    If possible, OA should be restricted to NPE's (Otherwise people could easily max out their NPE's... besides, it should still remain challenging. I'm not so sure about this to be honest)

    Restrict any Jeebs (Like again, not sure about this- but I want to keep NPE's challenging rather then people switching off to a huntress and getting full bags when Jeebs gets hosted)

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    I know @Knorrex posted some shit about an NPE mode in the discord a while ago, (showing a picture of the character creation screen with a checkbox that said npe mode or something, it was a while ago, so i dont remember 100% what it was) so I'd assume its either in progress, or abandoned... (Hopefully the first one, as I actually think this is a pretty fucking cool idea)

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    More like suspended, since I'm away from home

  • 10/10 best addition, whould love to see it ingame!
    but i think that whould be a bitch to code , i think its still worth it to try ^^

    btw , what about brown bags? .-.
    it whould be great if you cant get any items from other player (droped) in any way
    but i think that could be made if there is an "NPE soulbound thing" that makes in unable to get
    any items from other players , and when you drop an item on a non npe char , then it drops in a kinda soulbound brownbag that cannot be seen by NPE players ...

  • Alright bumping since people see an interest within the creation of NPE characters.

  • i like the idea good work 1+

    the reward shod be a fame increase

  • @thedanksec Minor or major? 1.5 multiplier or something small like 1.1?

  • @Elevict minor 1.1

  • Editions made, more to come and editions can be edited later to the public's liking-

    The post should remain as an idea being created and grown... so rather then focusing on new dungeons, events- there can be new game modes. I've also heard of an NPE where a player gets to choose one white of their liking- but that's just an idea.

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    I endorse this product

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    @Elevict cool idea luv it GO elvict may ur dreams come true

  • Final Necro-bump for the time being for those who haven't seen, and or possibly may be editing the post for it to look a bit more neater. I'll later make a completely different post with all the mechanics that may or may not be implemented within Nilly's realm, along with my reasons to why it should be included since people appreciate the idea of an NPE mode.


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    Holy pog champ this is needed to be added!!!

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