Set Idea: Cloud Knight

  • All parts drop from Sphinx. I created this set not just to create a new shield with a useful and unique ability, but I also wanted to create a new, more damage based knight set. I stumbled across the cloud idea trying to come up with shield designs and thought it would make for an interesting set. Please give any feedback/criticism, positive or negative. Point out anything OP or UP and give me tips on how to improve. THE SPRITE FOR SET SPRITE ITSELF COMING SOON! Thanks for taking the time to read this, here's my custom-made set:

    Altocumulus Sword

    Tier: UT
    Description: Forged by the knights of Valhalla, it was a powerful weapon in the midst of war.
    Shots: 5
    Damage: 50
    Rate of Fire: 70%
    Range: 5%
    Stat Bonuses: +10 MP, +4 Wis, +4 Att
    Effect: Ignores defense of target, Ignores obstacles
    Fame Bonus: 6%

    alt text
    alt text

    Nimbostratus Armor

    Tier: UT
    Description: Armor created with the essence of lightning infused within by the elite guild Skystrum.
    Stat Bonuses: +100 MP, +10 Wis, +5 Dex, +5 Spd, +10 Def, -10 Vit, -50 HP
    Fame Bonus: 5%

    alt text

    Stratus Shield:

    Tier: UT
    Description: A shield welded by Zeus for knights in need of attack power.
    MP Cost: 130
    Width: 3.5
    Shots 3
    Damage: 100
    Projectile Speed: 10
    Range: 3.2
    Effect: Curse
    Stat Bonus: +60 MP, +8 Att, +4 Def, +2 Spd
    Fame Bonus: 6%
    Feed Power: 2

    alt text
    alt text

    (Unnecessary but I imagine there would be an animation of 3-4 rain drops coming out like so:alt text
    alt textI could try to make the animation myself, although I don't know how good or easy to work with it would be.

    Cumulus Ring

    Tier: UT
    Description: A ring crafted with intensive care using the droplets of water in a Cumulus cloud.
    Stat Bonuses: +45 MP, +8 Dex, +4 Wis, +2 Att, + 2 Spd, -4 Vit, -8 Def, -45 HP
    Fame Bonus: 4%

    alt text

    Why is it unique?

    All the items (except for armor which obviously has to give some defense. Each item takes something (except for attack and dex, I don't think that's something generally associated with clouds) from the concept of cloud's water giving MP and wis (just makes sense to me) and gear giving spd with it being lightweight.

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    @Smart_Monkey 1. The sword and armor sprites need to be 8x8.

    1. Pls use shading.

  • @loudman42069 kk, I'll edit the armor and sword sprites. I tried shading but I'm having trouble with doing it properly. Shield is fine, maybe I'll make the shading on ring a bit darker. Do a bit more shading on sword and armor. thx

  • @Smart_Monkey look dude all the sprites im sorry to say are ugly but if you keep trying you will eventually get better

  • @ergona2.0 It's totally fine, work in progress of course. I'll see how I can improve them if at all. At the very least I got some experience. Kinda new to this whole sprite making thing.

  • @Smart_Monkey yeah im pretty shit at making sprites too but im learning :P and yeah they cant be 16x16 unless you are making a boss mob x.x

  • @ergona2.0 Yeah, lol. Workin on downsizing them and editing sprites. At the very least someone (if not me) can try to rework these concepts into something cool. I would like to see an ability's effect be to weaken. Shield would be best imo since there aren't any new shields in Nilly's and it makes the most sense.

  • @Smart_Monkey there is no weaken ability on mobs :\ well there is but it does nothing

    also there isnt really many custom abilities for any of the classes x.x

  • @ergona2.0 Ah, welp. Throw that idea out the window, kek. How do you know? Also, how about Unstable? Also, shouldn't the objective be to add more custom abilities? That's why so many people are coming with with ideas for scepters currently.

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    Here we go:
    Sprites: Meh, but I can see you're a beginner.
    Sword: Where's the range? It's a bad Cap sword that does half the damage and doesn't boomerang. Also, don't add ATK/DEX modifiers on weapons. Just work it in the damage/RoF. Where does it drop from?
    Armor: Good idea, OP resu that gives almost no defense and -10 VIT and -50 HP. Where does it drop from?
    Shield: I don't think anyone will ever use this shield except for rushing, since weaken shots don't even exist, and for 130 MP? You can get more value out of a T6, so the only reason you would use this for is rushing. If that's what you intended, remove the weaken and make it slow or something. As for the raindrops, just ask them to make a light blue particle trail. Where does it drop from?
    Ring: It's adding a massive amount of offensive buffs with a massive decrease in defense. You might want to tone down the stat bonuses.
    Overall: 1-10 6
    If you intend for the shield to be more offensive, curse and stun for a small amount of time would be a pretty good idea.

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    The sprites are to big, but other than that this set looks meh 7/10

  • Banned

    @Pyrouge Dude. Half of his sprites are 16 x 16. Yet you still call it "meh"

  • Lolicons

    Also why is the shield supposed to be good? 2 shots with 100 damage each? Fix that...and the ring is an ST? Lol.

  • @Claywhy you my good sir are an idiot they are all st and this is pretty much the first of any item idea this guy has had...

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    @ergona2.0 What the fuck did you just say to my son?
    Never talk to me or my son ever again.

  • Lolicons

    @ergona2.0 well still ST? Why not UT and thanks for calling me an idiot <3

  • @Pyrouge 1. Oh sorry, forgot to include where it drops from, whole set drops from Grand Sphinx since I couldn't think of anywhere else where this would kind of fit, lol.

    1. Thanks for pointers on atk/dex in weapon stats. Also, the range is 5%, go back and you'll see.

    2. Thanks

    3. Changed it to speedy on self temporarily while I try to figure out how to properly type out curse effect (regarding the wis > 60 = wis/60 stuff), thanks #2.

    4. Alright, I'll make sure to do so.

  • look m8 not to be meen but i don't think the nr staff wants more sets ingame cuz lets be honest some of the player made sets wear not that good (janus set)

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    @DrVoorhees2.0 I'm nice :3

  • @Claywhy Strange, some sets are ut and some are st. Shendyt's st and Staff of great climbing is ut, I'll change it all to ut since all of the NR sets are UT.

  • Lolicons

    @Smart_Monkey shendyt is ST because it comes from prod .-.

  • @thedanksec frickin cyberbully, go frick yourself.

  • @Claywhy welp, can't edit it now since post has been flagged as spam, kek

  • Lolicons

    @thedanksec said in Set Idea: Cloud Knight:

    look m8 not to be meen but i don't think the nr staff wants more sets ingame cuz lets be honest some of the player made sets wear not that good (janus set)

    What is your problem? Everyone has a chance to mess around and make sets

  • @Pyrouge what to do in case of someone flagging your post as spam? just repost?

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