Losing stuff but haven't been scammed or didn't buy anything.

  • So I've been losing stuff recently. A week or 2 ago I lost a bunch of keys and fame. Today I sold Endless Torment staff for 999 fame and I have a small amount of fame about 260. Then I put my warhammer up in market and I was about to buy mad lab from someone when I noticed that I don't have over 1000 fame. Please Fix this. I don't appreciate using my time to get these things and out of nowhere I lose fame!

  • Sorry for you loss, No reunds

  • He didnt ask for a refund "Pls Fix this"

  • If anyone can relate to this please post as many comments/post as you can so they can fix. It's better than have hundreds of players lose things and quit. And Thanks for anyone who takes the time to read my post and the comments.

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    Did you log on at a later time and realised the fame was missing, or did you never get the fame when the item was sold?

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    Do You share account with someone else? Because if You do so, your problem, but if not then probably you:'ve be en hacked, anyways, change your password to another one.

  • I never trust anyone with my Nilly's realm account. And no, I sold my staff of endless torment and got 999 fame and then I put war hammer on the market. After that I asked to buy a player madlab robe since he was offering it. So I traded with him and saw that I didn't have enough fame so I tried to bargain with him. Then I realised that I should have more fame because I just sold my endless staff of torment only 5 minutes ago. There's no way I would lose fame without spending it.

  • Also from the first time this happened I tried to sell moloch's weed on market for 500 cause I accidentally bought it and which at that time I had a bunch of keys I just got as reward for making it to round 31 in public arena. I finished Public arena, went to market to sell my keys and loot potions I received from public arena, then I saw something on market and when I walked to it the price changed from a over 700 fame to 300-500 fame but the picture of the item being marketed was the same. So when I bought it I got the moloch's weed instead of what was shown in the market. I know this has happened to a few people too which is why I might make a post about t later in the future. After that I went to vault to put a few things down. I came back to market and checked my list of things I was selling and I didn't see the moloch's weed so I thought I sold it. But I didn't cause my fame didn't change. If it did I would of had over 500 fame and not only that I lost my keys. So I went back to check if i accidentally left my keys in my vaults and there was no key to be found. This is a huge issue for me and i'm sure other people are having it too but don't know how to report it or are jsut too lazy. So i'm asking for the team on nilly's realm to check this problem and fix it. Because it's pissed the S out of many people in the market.

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