What Have I Missed?

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    Alright, so i've been gone for the last 2 weeks or so with only a small visit back to the forums in between.
    I know all about the wipe hype, but have there been any significant changes to nillys or in the forums in general?
    And also, I havent got my computer for long so i dont have time to do much research on it, but has the transfer of prod to deca already happened yet, and if so what sorts of new things are in prod (new ut's, ut weekend, updates etc.)?
    Oh, and any more relevant info would be great :)

    And now that I'm sorta back (will come and go over the next 5 days),hello.

  • OA is gone for now.....

  • Wake me up inside

    you missed me

    jokes aside, new items were added, you can check them out in the wiki./ patch notes. Also, the official date deca takes over is on the 19th, and they have a event calendar which you can find in the rotmg official reddit or somewhere in this forum

    and forums.. nothing has changed about the forums... still tons of shit

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @LagoonZz That really nothing. Still shitposting. Loudman is still not banned.

  • The Love shack

    Nothing of significance really happened, exept for the fanfic purge

  • Lolicons

    Nuthing :^>

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