i am new and i cant enter the niliy its siad server full all the time

  • why i cant join i want to play i heav new- player

  • @BuzoKi there is a thing called queue if you just had a second to read :P

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    @BuzoKi I wonder why

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    Just like to let you know that MaskimUT is not a language.
    English would be nice, please.

    But anyway, to enter the game there is a queue. There are a large amount of people wanting to play the game, but only a small(ish) amount of people that can fit into the game at any one time. this means that if the game is full, you will be queued and will have to wait until you can join the game.
    A helpful tip for beginners would be to NOT use the nexus hotkey, as it will send you immediately to the back of the queue. Instead, try using /nexus in the chat, and you will be sent to the nexus without having to deal with the queue.
    Before you say "but thats bullshit i should be able to press the hotkey its not fair im a salty whiny bitch", here's why it's in use: if you get to the back of the queue and there are 100 people, it might take up to an hour to join, but usually it is not that much longer. Now, imagine how long it would take for people to join the game if everyone playing would be able to press their hotkey without consequences - it would literally take hours upon hours to enter the game.

  • But I can not go Naxos playing I opened a new player and still do not have one player because I can not

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    @BuzoKi If you're making a new character, it appears when you are done waiting in queue, but if you exit whilest in queue the character will not appear. Does that help?

  • Not help but thank it makes me all the time full server no place

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