Bedlam, God of Chaos Lore

  • my nema jeff is a good meme

    This is my first lore that I've ever written and i want to thank @Cultist for helping me. Please give opinions and what i should fix it means a lot to me :)

    In an age history has all but forgotten, the man who would later be known as Bedlam, God of Chaos, the warrior who made the worst decision in history.

    Bedlam wasn't his name, that was a name he gotten from all the massacres he brought to the people. Bedlams original name was Lance, Lance was a warrior that wanted to conquer the lands of Leinna. Lance plowed through his enemies and never let one of them live. One day Lance started to realize that even though he may never be defeated, age will tear him apart over time. Lance grew scared knowing that one day he will die from age so he told his men to seek for a potion that will let him live forever. As time passed on he wandered into witches, mages, and forgers territory to seek if they had a solution to his fear of death.

    Days, months, years have flew by and nothing has been found as Lance decides to learn to accept his fate, a mysterious old wrinkling witch walks up to Lance and says "I see... you are looking to be a immortal, a god so to say..." As Lance nods at the witch, Lance is very happy and will do anything for the witch. As the witch pulls a small potion out of her cloak Lance snatches it from her hand. Lance opens the potion and right before he drinks it the witch tells him one thing "Your life may all come to a end if you drink this potion". As Lance not listening to the witches warning, Lance drinks the potion and begins to feel something evil begin to grow as Lance is screaming and aching in pain his men knock him out and bring him to the Asylum.

    Lance has woken up, he stands up and calls the nurse. The guard walks up to him and he looks at Lance with fear and falls down to the floor and begins to scream and cry for help. Lance is not himself anymore. His eyes are glowing red he is 10x larger than his normal self he is completely been overtaken by evil. He breaks open the door and kills all the nurses, doctors, and patients in the Asylum and then revive them as his own minions. Lance has died in the evil and now a new being has emerged Bedlam. Bedlam noticed that he killed the best of his warriors in his massacre. He decides that to keep his ruling as a God he gives 3 parts of his power. Each of them having a name Unholy Spell, Unholy Helm, and Unholy tome.

    The Unholy Spell had the ability to conquer other kingdoms with one cast and gain life at the same time. The Unholy helm had the power to go through the lava and come out unharmed. The Unholy Tome had the power to heal allies and remove their pain. The 3 warriors gain immense power and they all scatter to protect the Asylum and Bedlam.

    Time goes on, warriors around the world have been trying to defeat Bedlam to regain the Asylum and get the immense power of the 3 warriors but no one can beat them. As Bedlam waits to find the next warrior that will give a challenge he continues to grow in strength with his 3 warriors. Will anyone be able to stop the wrath of Bedlam?!

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  • my nema jeff is a good meme

    @Noah_ Thanks man :)

  • my nema jeff is a good meme

    I love it

    but I stopped the wrath of bedlam multiple times just saying

  • my nema jeff is a good meme

    @Ainsley lol

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