Prism Problems: Tale of the Realmers Ch.V ⌠Transparent Terror⌡

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    Chapter V: Transparent Terror

    Characters: MateUWant, Jmn, Mysterious, ItsThatRektGuy, Pringle, Nilly, Alice, Loudman, Creeper, Ergona II, Cultist
    First person perspective: Cultist

    So it has come down to this... I must fight him to gain a way out of his lair, but I don't think I can. My staff raised and my new friends behind my side. I shouldn't be afraid, but my blood is boiling. But I don't know if its from rage or fear. I asked him not to do this, but he denied a peaceful alternative. I feel like my friends are right out side of that sealed door. I shouted words I never thought would come from a wizard. In the only hopes of getting back to my friends, I must put a god to rest. Attack.

    The ghastly figure rose high into the air, and opened side gates releasing hundreds of ghosts like him. The people he brought to the battle knew only one strategy: sacrifice. They rushed at us and we rushed to them, blasting away as much as we could. Ectoplasm going left and right, and the horror on the spectral man's face grew. He lowered himself to the floor and then began to make lame jokes back at Mysterious. I could tell these events were based on spite, but I didn't know that was the only reason. Shots went flying in every direction and we had to jump behind pillars. MateUWant walked over to shoot us with his t0 wand, and I got an idea.

    I quickly asked Jmn to steal some of my lifeforce and heal the ghost priest, and Jmn agreed to do so. The skin of the priest lost its blue tint, and I quickly healed back my health. We kicked MateUWant into the line of sight of ItsThatRektGuy and he was destroyed in an instant. The ghost army didn't catch on and I asked Jmn to heal them all. Their skin grew dark, and I knew they were weak aswell. ItsThatRektGuy did a full blast around him that lit up the room, and we were nearly blinded. We turned over to see his army in shambles, and his ego aswell.

    Mysterious pushed us to the side and began having one of the worst rap battles I've heard in ages. He talked about his mom, how much weed he smoked, how much money he has, and how he got with his sister. ItsThatRektGuy returned the fire talking smack about Jmn and I. During his weak time, we healed him as much as possible, and his ghostly powers vanished. ItsThatRektGuy's face turned red and he shot out hundreds of quiet shots to silence Mysterious and noticed he lost his command over the lair. He stood on his legs and let out a yell that would make deaf people cringe. His body began to glow and we ran behind the pillars for protection.

    In an instant, he blasted the door open and had destroyed himself in his own rage. Before my eyes I saw the bag of legends, and I pulled out the Doombow. I didn't know what to think, so I turned to Mysterious. He laughed and told me that its alright. I wanted to hand him the doombow, but for some reason he rejected. He claimed he has everything he's ever wanted, and that he's done his days of killing for our nexus. We turned to the exit and we could see there was still daylight, and I could hear Nilly and Alice in the distance. It was time to reunite myself with my friends.

    Pringle was busy cooking up some ugly urgle stew and Ergona was flexing for some reason. Apparently, they didn't leave at all. They were just camping out for a few days, I guess. I showed myself to them and their face grew white. I saw my hands, and I realized what I have become. Do I miss life? Yes, but I missed my friends more. The trade of my mortal body to meet them again, despite them leaving me in that hole, was far more important to me than staying down there forever.

    I looked back at Jmn and Mysterious and I waved goodbye, and they returned it back to us. It has been years since I've done something like that, and I now felt ready to do it again. Off in the distance was the mountains, and all the legends I wondered if true came back to me. The clouds grew thick and we went back to the castle to wait out the storm. After filling up on stew and watching the rain fall to the ground, I found strangely at home. All my friends were here, and for once I didn't feel useless. It didn't matter to me what we would face in the future, because nothing would ever beat how I felt that night.

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    If you have not seen it yet, check out chapter IV


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