Offical |Prism Problems| Roleplay MegaThread

  • Hey, Im turtlebat and I just wanted to say
    Yeah the title sounds faggy I know

    Now that that's out of the way, I'd like to talk about something me and Pringle are releasing today
    "The |Prism Problems| Roleplay discord." And I bet those that are interested have a few questions about what will be going on in it, aswell as about the RP in it's entirety. Before I give out the link, I'll be adressing what this roleplay is, why were doing it and how it will be taking place. Things I'll also be adressing are questions along with things that I thought you might want to know about the story.

    Now, let's get right into the noo-I mean news

    1st Q: What the hell is an RP?
    A: It's like reading the story, except your taking part of it, as the reader your limited to so much your character can do, so by roleplaying the story out your allowed to have more control along with giving the option of the story to go in many different directions than the author originally intended, giving it more flexibility and overall a better feel

    Also, if you want the text book definition of a roleplay well, here it is. Fak you

    And, this moves into the next question.

    2nd Q: Why are you doing this?
    A: Honestly, I have no fucking clue, but this might lead to a better story overall seeing as by making this roleplay, it might change the overall story in a drastic way. If you've got anymore questions about this im not the guy, ask @Pringle .

    3rd Q: How is this happening/Where is it taking place?
    A: Well, I have no clue on when it's ending but it's all taking place on Discord, so if you want to join then I'll provide the link here Just make sure you follow the rules bby.

    Questions about the story
    Pringles keeping me in the dark on this one, so I'll update this question when I can. So far I can tell that it has a linear story, following the tales of our heros throughout NR. But I can't tell where the final goal is, wether it be killing oryx or ascending to admin-hood.

    Welp, thats it. Hopefully this doesn't spark a whole slew of roleplay threads, that's the last thing this fourm needs.
    Current admins are
    Pringle @Pringle
    TurtleBat @TurtleBat

    As a final note here, I'll just leave this
    (This is Pringles RP, and if you fall into a bump along the way he will not bend it for you and your whims. Please remember you're not entitled for anything to happen to your character, or others.)
    (That being said, have fun <3)

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    Why are you doing this?

    Honestly, I have no fucking clue

    Yea, that's legit.
    Gl bruh.

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