Prism Problems: Tale of the Realmers Ch.VI ⌠Mountain Mayhem⌡

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    Chapter VI: Mountain Mayhem

    Characters: Cultist, Nilly, Alice, Ergona II, Creeper, Moeyama, Driifty, Pringle
    First Person Perspective: Pringle

    It's been a long time since I've slept in a bed, and I strangely wish I could stay here. I know our next destination is dangerous, but we must move on. I don't know why, but I feel like something is wrong. The storm rages on, but we must leave soon. We quickly set off in the wet sand mush, trying to keep our map dry. Alice drew it in crayon last night so we wouldn't need guidance from a ghost or anything. I still find it unsettling of what happened to cultist, but he doesn't seem to mind.

    Off in the distance we could see the mountains, lit up by the opened lava pockets. We could tell that this was going to be a long journey. I asked Ergona if he knew any shortcuts and he didn't, but he did tell us to not touch the lava. I guess that could be useful advice to somebody. Alice was the first to lay foot on the black rocky land, and the first to leave it. He slid on the wet rocks and fell back down to us. We had to find a way up the mountains without dealing with the wet rock, so we had to look around.

    Nilly teleported from his vault infront of us and we got an idea. We all grabbed onto a rope and tied it to nilly. We then whipped him until he teleported us to the top. Other than completely cheating, we had made it to the top on our own. We then saw our first enemy: flying brain. It only took roughly around three seconds before we were shooting in every direction possible. Completely annoyed, we kept accidently running into his unstable shots. A quick flash went off behind the flying brain and our unstable was cured. We destroyed to brain to find a priest standing there with my tome.

    I must of dropped it from my backpack when I was swinging my arms trying to shoot. Moeyama, as he liked to be called, asked to keep it in exchange for an invisible dagger. I foolishly accepted and he accidently droped it on the ground. After cutting off both of my legs on accident, I picked it up and marked it with a little red paint so I could see it. You'd think I wouldn't do the trade because we're in a NPE, but we've already cheated so much that we just don't care anymore. Well, that and I really wanted an invisible dagger.

    Our next foe was the leviathan. We remembered this one well enough to dodge his shots. Well, most of us anyways. Nilly and Alice droped to like half health, but we still were able to stay alive. We killed him with ease and stopped for a break. Another Idea hit us, and we grabbed cultist and threw him way infront of us. In about a few minutes, thousands, and I do mean THOUSANDS of gods were sitting on him. I could barely but surely see the disapointed look on his face as Alice threw his traps on the crowd. We all walked toward the lootbags and pulled out a few potions and useful gear. This was very well needed as Alice was still using his t0 bow. It looks like Cultist finally noticed this and handed Alice his doombow.

    I could tell cultist finally found his steak in his backpack because he screamed and threw it into lava as soon as he pulled out the bow. We cooked up leviathan for a quick yet tastey meal and moved on to a shining light. We came across a mysterious crystal and decided to investigate it. It spoke to us when we shot at it, and it asked for us to free it. We then did what any logical player would do, and we screamed that we had found a crystal, and that every person in realm needs to teleport to us. A few people came and left, but an interesting character stayed to talk. His name was his/her name was Driifty (I couldn't tell for the life of me) and it asked us what we where doing. We resonded with breaking the crystal, and Driifty laughed at us. Erogona clearly didn't like being laughed at as he demanded that we killed him/her.

    I denied as we should be only killing monsters, but alice quickly killed him off in rage. We looted Driifty's body, which pretty much was a t0 prism and a t3 dagger, and the crystal began to glow. It then asked us to come closer, and we denied for good reason. The crystal sent out a powerful wave that destroyed Driifty's body completely. We knew the crystal wasn't a threat to us, but we felt strangely compelled to destroy it. It was about time somebody tought this crystal a lesson.

    Want to join the adventure? Leave a comment down below with your class and personality. Who knows, you just might find us!

    If you have not seen it yet, check out chapter V!


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    Include me in story as a rogue and my personality is one that is extremely focused on moving on in the quest!

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    @ItsThatRektGuy Very clever and well thought out.

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