Selling Prod Account

  • First thing's first, I'm not here to scam anybody.
    Ok, so i played for a veeeeryyy long time on Prod, and i dont want to play more on it. I will play now more Nilly's Realm, and donating Nillys later, because Nillys is great.
    Here are some facts of this account:

    • 7/8 Knight with unmaxed mana, (maxed life ~20 life pots)
    • 6/8 Wizard with unmaxed mana and wisdom, (maxed life ~20 life pots)
    • 4/8 Archer with unmaxed HP, mana, vit, and wis
    • 3 Additional character slots for a total of 6 usable slots
    • All vaults unlocked
    • My Knight has the Valentine pet
    • Wizard has the "Santa Skin" unlocked
    • Archer has the "Robin Hood Skin" unlocked
    • All three characters have a backpack already used, in addition to 5 extra backpacks in storage

    So Here are all 3 characters:

    And here is the vault:

    I'm looking for round 20.000- 30.000 fame.
    If interested, leave an offer or a PM.

    Edit: Heal 64
    Magic Heal 62
    Electric 51
    yellow star
    comes with email

  • 99% scam
    be aware kidz

  • @JustShaco1 I got donor account with email access, does the prod account come with it tho?

  • yes it does

  • Famous Forumers

    Here are some pointers:

    Tell if the account will come with the email.
    Pet stats.
    Star Color

  • guys be warned ,attgempted to buy this account he was very shady and didnt want to go first or show proof of ownership even though i showed him 50 plus of my redit vouches

  • shady man that doesnt use , for inbetween thousands. obviously a foreign scammer!

  • 27

    @Lisbonmaru Just because he's foreign, don't assume he's a scammer.

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