Additional drop for Woodland and Deadwater bosses

  • Make "Murderous Megamoth" drop a life potion at the rate of 0.2
    Make "Jon Bilgewater the Pirate King" drop a loot drop potion 5 min at the rate of 0.05

    Woodland has a lot of plants, plants are life. Deadwater is full of greedy scumbags, so their main focus is drops.

    These 2 poor dungeons are getting neglected by players. Their only purpose are WC tops and stat pots (which you can get MUCH easier ways), and 2 junky weapons that are treated as vanity, not weapons.

    In my opinion, these drop rates are fair because those dungeons are dropped by elusive lucky gods that spawn once every closed realm (30 mins?). You may open a key in nexus shop, but you won't get profit like that.
    Write your opinions below!

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    Make it like OT.
    Lower the drop rate, and make it drop from minions.
    BAM - everyone will clear these dungeons.
    Just like OT..
    Oh god..

  • @Jack-the-Ripper Yeah those get cleared a lot now.

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    @Vasya Also add in @JJordan 's Natures Wrath for woodland.

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    It's just a beaver.

  • @Jack-the-Ripper meh, i dont think its necessary, woodland and deadwater are very easy to rush, unlike OT.
    @Pyrouge we have different ideas, its up to admins to decide whether to add things we suggest or not
    EDIT: I like his staff idea. But still, my thread is not "Official Extra Drop Thread", i have a different suggestion.
    @ItsThatRektGuy he probably wanted me to include @JJordan 's item in my idea :b

  • plz put this in game i dont think anyone goes to woodland

  • It's Just Me ^_^

    Problem here as well is that sprite/item creators don't focus on these dungeons for their sprites which is a big problem about sprite makers. Probably the staff team are still planning on their own about these just like the sudden new stuff updates ya know?

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