The Constant Kicks...

  • Ugh, it's already punishing to go back into the queue once you died with a character and want to make another one ASAP.... But when you get kicked or crash frequently while playing and get placed into the 100th place in the queue every 10 minutes- It honestly makes the game really unplayable and pisses me off....

    Yeah I know there isn't anything we can do about it, because begging for another server will obviously make me look like a moron- and trying to get a donate account is nearly impossible nowadays without someone scamming you....

    Ugh- stupid crashes and kicks ruined this game for me

  • Banned Nerdz :(

    People let me borrow their donor ac's for free, it's not hard bud.

  • @WizSomeNumbers You clearly didn't read the post (Nvm you edited).... and it's fine- I'm just kind of salty and feel that it'd be beneficial for me to type this up.

  • If you exclude lag/crashes/kicks, the queue is like a punishment for dying ;)

  • cucks who play osu

    Legit I've been lagging out every 10 minutes these past couple days and it annoys the fuck outta me ._.

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