Verdant Guidance (Sword Idea)

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    0_1468965410685_EXP333 finish.png
    8x8 Sprite: 0_1468967393264_Protosword.png
    Name: Verdant Guidance
    Desc: A small yet sturdy blade that was once issued to all protectors of the organic realm.
    Projectiles: 1
    Projectile Type: Green Boomerang 0_1468967920063_Green Boomerang.png
    Rotation: 50
    Projectile Size: 500
    Min. Damage: 100
    Max. Damage: 125
    RoF: 300%
    Speed: 5
    Lifetime: 20
    Amplitude: 0
    Frequency: 0
    Armor Piercing:
    Ignores Obstacles:
    Fame Bonus: 4%
    Bag Type: 5 (Cyan)
    Drop Location: Murderous Megamoth
    Drop Chance: 0.006 (0.6%)
    Shot Pattern:
    Please note bullet path detection IS turned on.
    How is this weapon balanced: It outdamages every sword until 24 defence. Its damage is purely based on fire rate, meaning daze will ruin this weapon. It is not viable late game due to its low range. Its low range and lack of ability for forward projection means you must be within a very small range to use it. You want to avoid using this on most bosses unless you think you can tank most of the damage. It only shoots one shot, unlike Demon Blades two, and has less range and base damage than the Demon Blade. However, it can be used to quickly wipe out annoying low to mid defence. This makes it viable for rushing dungeons. It doesn't outclass the pixie when it comes to clearing low defence monsters. It looks like it does, but the pixie not only has more range, but more shots. Its wave like shooting patern makes it better than Verdant.
    How is this weapon unique: This weapon is unique due to its focus mostly being on rushing. Its range is purely based on its projectile size. It is the only weapon to use its projectile size purely as its range. It is also able to hit multiple monsters, which allows it to break dungeon blocks quickly, and any monsters that get in your way. It turns you pretty much into a green ring of death. ;)
    Damage Chart: 0_1468968959511_Snoopy.PNG
    The items sprite and name is a reference to the Proto Sword from Spiral Knights, as its the first sword you're given in the game. The weapon in Spiral Knights does not act like the weapon idea I'm proposing. The sprite is purely a reference and does not copy the full original Proto Sword, nor does it share many details (Handle shape, colors, and lighting) The description is also based on the Spiral Knights proto sword descrption.



    Notes: I know there are (too) many swords in Nilly's Realm. This item is made purely as a creativity vent. I do not expect or think that this item will get into the game, but I do think it would be cool if it did. I made this as a fun time waster, and I would like to know what you guys think about it.

    I will not be on much for the rest of the night, so in the morning I'll be able to look at your responses and change it to be more balanced and/or unique. This is the first time I've ever made an item based on another game or as a reference, so please be gentle if I did anything wrong. c;


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    Alright. Here's my opinion.

    Sprite: 10/10. Looks cool, we don't have another green sword (Except for a tiered one), And is shaded.

    Name + Desc: 9/10 Name seems a bit.... mysterious.... yeah lemme change that to 10/10

    Balancing: 8/10. There are lots of enemies with little def, but a lot of bossed/enemies u need lots of dmg for are high def guys, so it's k.

    Is it Unique: Ye boi. 10/10. It's green, fast RoF, low dmg but only 1 shot.

    Drop location: 11/9. This dungeon needs a purpose in NR. This will give it a purpose.

    Reference: I like that u put one. Not grading that cuz it doesn't effect weapon.

    Do we need another sword: 7/10. We don't have that many swords that are as good as like dblade, and dblade isn't very good since hitting both shots is very hard. Another sword would be awesome, but something like a scepter is needed more.

    BONUS! The format: I liked how u formatted, and also that you put dps graph. (And kitty xdd) I hate seeing posts with incomplete info or just bad English.

    Overall: 9/10. Awesome job bud. Not too OP, not too bad, gives that dungeon more of a purpose, a new sword would be nice and sprite is rlly cool. I look forward to seeing what everyone else thinks.

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    @WizSomeNumbers Glad to see you liked it! Couldn't sleep, so I got on to see the comments. ^^

  • If they let that horrible blade of night sprite they'll definitely put yours in

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    LOVE THIS +1

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    Thanks. ;P

    Yeah I don't really like the blade of night sprite either.

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    good mornin' bump.
    kinda shameless,

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    @Pringle Love it.
    I hated pixie's sprite anyway :P

  • proto sword :D

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