• im glad the drop rate is lowered to 1/1000 to raise the price of o3 tops, but its not going to do anything when there are dozens if not hundreds of incs in market place at 50 fame. i bought 40 myself, the price was never-ending 50 fame. I dont know what could be done about this, possibly all incs in the game right now could be changed to hp potions or removed or something. can single items even be removed or changed like this? it would seriously boost the economy if you chose to do something about this Nollster.

  • Banned Nerdz :(

    He could do it. But why?

  • @WizSomeNumbers because the o3 tops are hella cheap and i agree @mister there is far to many incs on the economy i have 20 and i open regularly i have gotten atleast 2 of each o3 top and its a bit ridiculous :P

  • lmao i explained exactly why in the post

  • If you didnt already notice the eco on this server is always dieing so nothing can rly change that if you would like we could also change every pot and cap sword, t14 weapon, and t15 armor to hp pots to make the prices go up if it would satisfy you since the prices for those are always dropping.

  • bud you completely missed the point. there are a large number if incs at 50 for some reason. there are not a large number of t14 staffs and cap swords, also their drop rates were not changed like incs were for 1 obvious reason.....

  • just because there drop rate changed doesn't mean they should be reset to increase there value. Nilly saw how easy it was to get them so he changed the drop rate of it and thats it and since you bought so many you will probably use them making the price go up for them slightly after a long period of time the last wipe was october 2015 you would expect a bunch of items to be worth little fame since so many people farm and sell stuff to gain more fame you can't just go around asking for something to be reset because a ton of people happened to get the item and an argument could be made that you just want to sell the 40 you bought if you do get them to be reset.

  • Shitposters

    Come back next year to see a price difference

  • @Replica woah thats a long and unorganized sentence, but i see what you are saying. again missing the point, this is not about my 40 incs. the drop rate was changed to make a difference in the economy, but it is working slowly. why not speed it up by removing the ones that were put into the game too quickly? also i fail to follow your logic... after they are reset i sell my 40??????? if they are reset, will i still have 40??????

  • @mister my 10/10 long as sentences with different ideas separated by no commas or periods :P

  • @mister Another thing to note is that people bought the incs after people realized the drop rate gone down, so your basically saying Nilly should remove them to make a difference in the economy when in reality the people who bought the incs will end up being pissed. Personally, it's called the economy for a reason- and it shouldn't be changed by force but rather by lowering drop rates of certain items.... which is intentionally what your trying to do-

    Trust me, it's better if Nilly changed a drop rate rather then removed the complete set of incs within the market.... because the people selling the incs and buying the incs would all be pissed in the end.

  • Lolicons

    I stored 8 incs in my vault :>>

  • 27

    Incs are for weak men.
    Strong men use their HANDS to open doors (And legs too).

  • @Elevict thats the truest thing ive heard all day, i suppose i agree

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