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  • Hi every1. I have seen many times on youtube that u can get loot from the arena. But when im playing the game and going into the arena, no1 is getting any loot? Has this changed? why did it change? and will the loot come back? And in what arenas can u get loot? in that case...

  • ☭☭Noah's Ark☭☭

    @LiiM3 That was along time ago.
    It has been patched.

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    It was changed.

    It was changed because it wasn't balanced. It removed reason to not only enter the realm, but also many dungeons. You could get loot faster by avoiding playing with other people. This created many anti-social players already matched with an extremely high loot outcome.

    This clearly wasn't the direction Nilly's Realm wanted with the solo arena, and now it serves as a testing arena with little to no use. If you want to get 'loot' in a way, then there are currently no existing arenas until OA comes back(Idk if its back, I haven't played in awhile).

    Solo arena giving loot will likely never come back, as it was seemingly nothing but a negative to Nilly's Realm.

  • @Pringle aigh m8 ty for answer

  • a cool idea imo would be the normal arena giving loot, but only if like, 10 or more people were in it.

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