Prism Problems: Tale of the Realmers Ch.VIII ⌠Lava Leeway⌡

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    Chapter VIII: Lava Leeway

    Characters: Cultist, Ergona, DrVoorhees, Loudman, Wizardism, Vasya, Pringle
    First person perspective: Pringle

    We've been traveling through the slippery mountains for what felt like hours now. Alice, Nilly and Creeper all left to get supplies, or whatever. I think they left just to relax in the nexus, but I guess I can't really blame them. I've heard stories of people staying here for years, but I'm having trouble staying for a day. Every god we fight makes us stronger, and every player we pass does so too. The moon is only a faint glow in the black sky, and I couldn't tell if the sky was filled with clouds or smoke. Glad we got SantaClaus off our tails, nobody likes a self-buffer. Speaking of SantaClaus, I wonder how he's doing. He's certainly not giving kids gifts, thats for sure.

    The ground suddenly began giving way, and an earthquake knocked us on our backs. We stared down the mountain to find a trench opening up filled with orange flowing lava. Half of us didn't even want to climb down the mountain, much less to visit the lava waiting below. But caught up in thought, we had our choice made for us: The ground began to crack and the platform we were standing on detached from the mountain and we quickly descended to the valley. I looked down into the abyss and it felt like it looked back up at me. Cultist said that lava lakes are usually well guarded gates, and that this one likely isn't any different.

    Once we reached the bottom, It appeared that we were not alone. There was a friendly merchant selling potions that drop all across realm. He made it very clear to us that he's out of life and mana potions, but he still has healing potions for health and mana. Didn't sound confusing to me, but Ergona kept asking him to explain it. We still had some walking to do before we got to the chasm, and we should at least get our fill. We bought three HP and MP potions with items we've found from our kills, and then we asked if we would ever see him again. He smiled at us, and then walked off mysteriously. Loudman didn't buy any health potions, but instead he bought a few snakeoils. I asked him why, and he said its for when he runs out of MP pots, which didn't make sense as he was using a scepter, not a tome.

    We began walking off torward the glowing red sky, and cultist began playing a game of 'I spy' with DrVoorhees and I. Once we got to the lava lake, we could see a big red demon standing in the molten jacuzzi. He didn't seem to care that we were getting closer to him, and his minions seemed to be having the time of their life. A strange paladin sat there in the lava with them. I asked the pally what he was doing, and he said that he was enjoying the hot tub. He kept using his ability every six seconds so he never lost any health. His pet sat on top of the demon's head, and it looked pretty relaxed despite two sharp horns being up there. We looked into a deep hole in the lava and saw that it was actually a stair case.

    We asked for access, and he said he would grant us it if we could beat him to a lava drinking contest. It sounded really dumb then, and it still sounds dumb to this day. I got an idea and whispered in Cultists ear and he stepped into the lava and accept his challenge. We began chearing on Cultist and the lava flowed through his body, but the red demon didn't notice. He kept at it for up to 30 minutes until we noticed the red demon was cheating too. He had a hole in his neck so the lava would just flow out of it. We called him out on it and he got mad at us calling us liers.

    He ordered his minions to attack us and Wizardism, the paladin, joined us in the fight by slashing through multiple enemies in one swing. Ergona and Wizardism both healed us to the point that we couldn't die in battle. We seemingly had unlimited health, and the lava below didn't even hurt anymore. We sliced the red demon in half and DrVoorhes quickly looted the ornias bow that had dropped. Using the paladin buffs, we walked down the lava staircase to see what was below. Wizardism said that he wished not to go down there, so we threw a potion of defense up as a thank you for helping us out.

    The walls were made up of red brick, and the floor was some kind of hot marble. The entire place smelled like bacon, and we droped some leviathan meat on the ground and let it slowly cook. Ergona's armor strangely didn't heat up. Must have been forged with some fire-resistant materials. But that to me raises the question of how it was forged in the first place. My prism began to glow for some reason, and it pointed in a direction. We all felt strangely cool, and the enemies seemed to die off relatively quickly. The strange part is it seemed like they were always waiting for somebody to charge at. We decided to explore the dungeon, as it seemed pretty interesting. The 'leviathin sirloins' finished and we all decided to chill for a few seconds before charging into the next room.

    Want to join the adventure? Leave a comment down below with your class and personality. Who knows, you just might find us!

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    @Pringle snake oils ftw

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    Guess what..

  • :3 my armour is made from only the finest of children's souls >:D

    but all in all they keep getting better :D

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    @ergona2.0 said in Prism Problems: Tale of the Realmers Ch.VIII ⌠Lava Leeway⌡:

    :3 my armour is made from only the finest of children's souls >:D

    Umm...... XD creepy much

    But still love the story! Keep up the good work Pringle! (With the help of Ergona. :D )

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