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    IM BEING HARASSED!! IM BEING SEVERILY CYBER BULLIED BY THE GUILD PORNHUB. PLEASE HELP ME!! IM BEING VISIOUSLY CYBER BULLIED!! I HAVE VIDEO EVIDENCE AND EVERYTHING PLEASE HELP ME!!! I'm a 14 year old boy that gets numerous threats everyday . i hosted over 1000 dungeons this week yes. Yes i admit that i make profit. But how does this effect anyone! im only doing everyone a favour by hosting dungeons to make everyone rich in fame and get alot of white bags to help everyone in realm! this benefits me and you guys too. so i dont see why i should get so much hate! Yes i get aggressive towards those who cuss me non stop... especially SOME people who threat me non stop! i just cannot take this! why do i have so much hate!! im only being nice to people and yet people want to kill me or physically assault me . I DO NOT beg for donations i clearing say 'Donations are accepted' i dont say give me donations then ill host more. i give the opportunity to others to give donations if they desire . i dont demand donations. Just please if you have something bad to say about me dont say it. you dont know what type of shit i go through outside nillys realm...

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    you get subs by shouting yourself out and doing far too many giveaways - just saying - i like u tho

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    @Aki like i said bud i just want to help others

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    You take threats by issuing bigger threats.

    Not exactly the right way to go.


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    @DrVoorhees2.0 when your continually being threatened i think im allowed to stick up for myself and issue a bigger threat , that isnt nesscerally true.

  • I told you in game that you shouldn't always expect donations when you open many dungeons. If you need profit, you can just sell keys. Opening dungeons is a little bit like "donating for charity" - you're opening for free.
    See, people dislike those, who constantly beg for donations. People gift items whenever they want, but by BEGGING for donations, you start losing some respect. If you haven't threatened people, things would be less dramatic, but you brought this upon yourself by taunting them.
    And don't unbox info about your personal life here, you'll just open yourself vulnerable spots for roasting.

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  • @Nighthawie said in Why does everyone hate me ( Nighthawie ):

    @Vasya :'(

    If you see some... uh... "cyberbullies", you better ignore them. By insulting them back, you feed them more. After /ignoring them, they may feel awkward being left without response, like they are talking with themselves. I don't know what to say about those, who use "satire" and "sarcasm" as an excuse, but you shouldn't be touched by bad words that keyboard warriors send to you.

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    By insulting them back, you feed them more

    Their families are starving.

  • @Nighthawie keep asking for donations, don't threaten to hack anyone tho. You are doing a good job opening stuff btw!

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