Prism Problems: Tale of the Realmers Ch.IX ⌠Heated Hotel⌡

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    Chapter IX: Heated Hotel

    Characters: Cultist, Ergona, DrVoorhees, Loudman, Nilly, Creeper, Alice, Pringle
    First person perspective: Pringle

    Dinner was finished, and so was our time in the first room. We ate our fill, and walked outside to a strange yet luxurious main room. We walked in and all of the demons seemed to not be hostile. Seems we cleared out the only room where the demons attack people. We asked the well suited gentleman in the front desk about the dungeon, and he said it wasn't a dungeon, but a hotel. I asked how much a room was, expecting the price to be souls, but he said it was only 120 fame a night. Seeing as the nexus hotel was 150 fame per night, this was actually a really nice place to stay. The entire place was air conditioned air conditioned and it was a nice change from the mountains.

    Before we walked to the elevator, we checked out the free breakfast hall, and got some snacks for later. Ergona filled his pockets with blue raspdevil lolipops, and alice got two handfulls of white demon jerky. This placed seemed like it was the best hotel ever, and I got two waffles shaped with horns. Loudman shitposted wildly on the free to use computer. Cultist got two spooky smoothies. It felt like Halloween, and we were all having a blast. We finally walked back to the front desk to order our room. We wanted one to stay the night after all we've been through.

    We got a key for our room and walked to the elevator. It went down instead of up, which caught us off guard, but we actually mostly enjoyed the trip down. Our room was on floor -34 and we were suprisingly not cramped despite all of us being inside the elevator. Once we reached our floor, we saw our room and entered it just to find Nilly, Creeper and Alice sitting in it playing video games. We didn't know what to be mad about first: the fact that they were relaxing awhile we were out in the realm, or the fact we payed for a room we already owned. After thoroughly kicking Alice's ass, and getting our asses kicked by Nilly. We looked in the room and decided that we had enough and stormed out.

    We went to the front desk of the hotel and demanded a refund and he denied to give it to us. He said if we wanted a refund, we would have to talk to the hotel owner. We asked were he was and he said he was at the bottom of the hotel right now. We walked over to the elevator and made it go down to the very bottom floor. or thats what we wanted, but every floor it would open the door and demons would rush at us. At first it was around one or two, but then after twenty floors it was around five and six. Seeing as there was six hundred and sixty six floors, we had to come up with a faster way down the elevator.

    Ergona slashed a hole into the bottom of the elevator, but we clearly wouldn't want to jump down it. It looked like a very long fall. We decided to grab on to the pulley chain and climb our way down. After we all got on chain, creeper had to sneeze and moved us forward to the point that my invisible dagger cut the chain at the top. Falling at speeds of roughly 3-4 floors per second, we had to come up with a way to stop falling and fast. Ergona's seal couldn't heal us from the fall damage, as we'd probably die once we hit the bottom, or so I thought. Ergona told us to hold on to him and stay close. Loudman began to scream at the top of his lungs.

    We thought we were going to die, and as we reached floor six hundred and fourty two, alice threw a slow trap on all of us. We were slowing down, but our force was still added up. The second we land, we would be pancakes. At floor six hundred and sixty four, Ergona quickly used his seal and we hit the floor. The force was so strong that the walls cracked, and the elevator began to cave in. Nilly teleported us into floor six hundred and sixty six and our path out was quickly blocked by rubble. My prism began glowing very brightly, and it began to shake.

    A demonic laugh roared through the room and we saw the hotel lord. Archdemon Malphas, as he liked to be called, walked down to us holding a thick blade that seemed to growl at us. He asked us if we needed anything, and then we asked for a refund on our room. His eyes lit up with fire, and he asked us how much. We replied with 150 fame and he then smiled. He said that we are welcome to a refund if we can take it from his hands, and Alice accepted his challenge . The ground floor began to fill with lava, and he walked to the center of the room. The cracked door behind us closed, even despite it being filled with brick and chain, and the rooms lights went out. The only thing lighting everything up was the lava, and the eyes of Archdemon Malphas.

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    Great story.

    (waiting for me to play a bigger role) (seriously i have only 1 sentence dedicated to me)

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    @loudman42069 Two<3

    (Don't worry, I'll turn you into a hotdog in the next chapter)

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    @Pringle when i will be a hotdog plz eat me

    nice editing skills btw

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