Buying prod skins, STs, pure life, and UBHPs for NR fame/items

  • As the title says, I'm buying skins STs life and UBHPs, however I'm only looking for BB Wolf, Dark Elf Huntress, Mischievous Imp, Little Red, Eligable Bachelor or Jack the Ripper or Brigand, Nun or Zombie Nurse, Huntsman, Vampiress (if that's still around/tradeable), Warlock Sorc. For the STs I'll take most of them. PM me with what you have for sale, and we'll work out a price for the items, but I don't have a lot of pure fame atm, so you may need to take items along with fame depending on what you have for sale.

  • bumperoni

  • Banned

    Still buying?

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