Beryl Flare (Staff Idea)

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    Beryl Flare


    0_1469341467868_Beryl Flare.png

    0_1469335957985_STAFF PROJECTILE.PNG
    8x8 staff: 0_1469341657622_Ghostly 8x8.png
    16x16 Projectile: 0_1469337887992_16x16 Projectile.png
    Name: Beryl Flare
    Description: Once used to rescue lost explorers of the realm, the blue sea tainted its once red flames and now eerily serves to show gods the path to their untimely demise
    Projectiles: 1.
    Projectile Rotation: 60
    Projectile Size: 320
    Min. Damage: 1300
    Max Damage: 1400
    RoF: 8%
    Speed: 30
    Lifetime: 2200
    Range: 6.6
    Amplitude: 0.5
    Frequency: 0.4
    Armor Piercing:
    Ignores Obstacles:
    Fame Bonus: 5%
    Drop Location: Davy Jones
    Drop Rate: 0.004 (0.4%)
    Bag Type: 6 (Whitebag)
    Stat Bonuses: No change.
    Balanced: Deals high burst damage with extremely low fire rate. Doesn't outclass any staff in their unique purpose. Only has one shot, unlike esben, and does not have esbens curve. Does not go through obstacles like Steel Shocker. Is out damaged by most staves with constant fire. Has the lowest DPS at 0 defence (Very slightly gets beaten by esben). Despite having high damage, is still outdamaged by Climbing under constant fire on higher defence enemies. Balanced well between most of the staves. Has roughly the same range as UH staff.
    Unique: Fits a hit and run style for wizard. Good for dealing high damage quickly and easy to hit. Noob friendly staff. Only shoots one shot, unlike other staves. Has the lowest fire rate of the staves. Although not important to the stats, has a 16x16 projectile unlike the common 8x8. Has multishot, but does not deal with the hard to hit mechanic other multishot staves have. Slow projectile that is good for dealing with certain chaser enemies. Very unique staff in comparison to others.
    Damage Chart: 0_1469342019909_DPS CHART.PNG
    Damage Chart Note: Didn't include Steel Shocker. Whoops my B. Left out Endless torment staff as I felt its mostly a joke weapon. Left out Noble because its pretty much just an astral.

    Where would I use this: Any place you want to. Its a versatile staff that fits more of a playstyle of hit and run. Can be used on bosses, enemies, and events. Peferably would be good in areas like Skull Shrines, Abyss, and UDLs.

    Notes: Designed this staff because I noticed nearly all of the staves rely on the high amplitude and frequency gimmick and I thought it would be nice to have a staff that broke away from this trend. Also breaks away from the 2 shot staves. I made this mostly as a creativity vent. Please note the projectile looks weird because its supposed to rotate.

    Side Note: Just noticed there was an item being made with 'flare' in its name aswell. This was a complete coincidence. I made the sprite and the stats by myself. Colors are meant to match the dungeon it drops in. Beryl slightly changes in the projectile and in the tip. Light providing the shading is coming from the upper right corner. Only problem I currently see is the over damaging bug where enemies won't die fully sometimes.

    Please provide constructive criticism if you have any. If you find it ugly or overpowered or underpowered, then tell me why or what makes you think this.

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    @Pringle It's a bit overpowered. DPS is better than most staves until 110 def. Try making firerate higher but lowering the damage.

  • Seems nice. There are quite a few staves in the game as of rn though. So idk if people would like it.

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    @Prism I definately agree there are plenty of staves, but half of them are either useless, or practically the same as another. To name a few: Endless torment, noble and EP. EP, for example, Is hard to even call it a high risk high reward weapon, because theres little to no reward. Just risk. The only situation I could see somebody using it is on ONE boss, and thats Mysterious Crystal.
    EP is only really used on chests. Very rarely are there moments to use it other then that, and you really only have to shoot the chest once to get loot anyways.

    @loudman42069 I'll look into ways for balancing it down. However its damage relies on burst damage, and is highly outdamaged by most staves under constant fire. It only is stronger than esben for most enemies in the game. It's damage is actually worse than most staves until around 95 defence.

  • @Pringle I see what youre saying.

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    I guess posting this in the middle of the night might of been a bad idea.

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    Does the shot spin? You could also make the shot look more intresting. I like the idea of this, 9/10. Maybe you could put some stat penalties and bonuses, like -5 vit, +5atk, -20 hp?

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    @MateUWant Yes the shot spins. I'll look into some stats to add on to it, but I won't add or remove dex or attack.

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    @Pringle + Sprites= +1 and Too good sprites.

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    This is bump worthy +1

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    @Pringle May I make a sequel item based off this staff? I think a light blue set with this staff in it would look amazing.

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    @Loli sure, go ahead!

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