How I feel about Nilly's announcement + How do you feel?

  • First off. Good job man. You've ran a server I don't think I could get bored of. I love NR and would've quit realm a long long time ago if it wasn't for how good this is and how it makes me really feel. Now. As for the cashing out or going public. Either way (I am trying to speak for all the nice people) I think everyone will appreciate your decision in the matter as it is your server and your (and the admins) work that has went into this for so long.

    A new project sounds rather interesting coming from you seeing how far NR has come along even though I haven't been here but for a month or two I can tell that this is has been a journey for a lot of people. I'd like to see what you can do. The reason i'm not sending this via PM is cause..I'd ALSO like others opinion on the matter. A wipe sounds fun and fair for all even those who have been here for a long time. Though I really don't care if it happens or not.

    (I'm running on 0 hrs of sleep :) So if I don't start replying to anyones replies it means I dropped)

  • Lovecraft

    I love the wipe wipe it nilly WIPE IT ALLLLLLLL

  • Lolicons

    For the wipe, honestly couldn't care less either way if it happens or not. On the topic of to cash out or go public, I'd really like the first option much more, since I just don't want to see such a great thing mass reproduced and abandoned. I'll respect his decision either way, it would also be good to see what nilly can do outside of RotMG. I'm sure it'd be capable of great things.

  • I think it could be kinda fun to restart again.

    I did tell my prod playing friend that when the wipe happened I would play more prod, but I probably wont unless DECA makes the game wayyyyyyyyy less pay-to-win.

    I feel sorry for Vex

  • what do you exactly mean by cashing out???

  • Donor

    @Typhoon 2 weeks ago you were like PLS NO WIPE PLS NO WIPE - i <3 you anyway bb

  • Lovecraft

    @Aki xD fuck it

  • Lovecraft

    @Aki love u too bb <3

  • @Wizardism While a lot of bad stuff will be proposed and replicates of nilly's be made with pets etc there will still be the OG server ;) also with new stuff being added by random people, only like nilly/knorrex can actually approve it to get added so it'll still be controlled growth through that system

  • Lolicons

    @DrWhen Oh that's good to hear. I missed the part about this server still existing in the other thread. Well I guess in ways that would be good, then we would actually get more dungeons/etc added because people can post the behavs and test it without it needing to be converted. (I've actually wanted to help with dungeons/behavs for a while, but never bothered because there was no one active who I believed would take the time to convert it. .-.)

  • @Wizardism Of course this server will still be around, the only thing that's changing is that it will have a more dynamic development team that is separate from our original one in most cases

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