Just my two cents on a few things.

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    This is nothing but rambling on subjects I'd like to hand over my two cents for.
    I feel like I could put this in many categories, so I'll choose Discussion, as I wish to discuss this stuff.


    Note: I am not a donor.

    This is going to be a quit little voice out on donations and my personal problems with how things are about them. Your first thought might be, and likely isn't: what is so bad with donations? Nothing, in fact, it is a wonderful thing that helps keep up the server. My problems come in when the perks come in, and theres quite a few of them. I think its safe to say the word 'donation' in Nilly's Realm sparks up a lot of thoughts in your mind, some are good and some are bad. One of the big bad elephants in the room is Donation Perks. Don't get me wrong, I love donation perks more than the next guy, and I think the instant access perk is wonderful and I definately think it should stay. But my problem comes in when people only donate for perks.

    Donation really loses its meaning in Nilly's Realm, and it feels like people are really just buying the perk. Donation perks are a wonderful thing to help people support the server, but if anything goes wrong with their perks they act like spoiled brats. I know theres not really a way to fix this, but I definately have a lot of pent up salt from hearing people complain about donor accounts, and lucky this doesn't happen THAT oftenly. It's still just annoying to see the word 'donation' loosely thrown around, and it really is annoying to see this salt. Even though its really not related, its like somebody asking to borrow a pencil and then keeping it. I'm not going to go any further into this topic, but that was a few quick thoughts on the very few self-entitled donors.

    Fame Sinks

    Note: I'm super poor.

    I understand that nilly and the crew are looking into fame sinks for Nilly's Realm, and I love the thought of adding these. But after sitting down and thinking about it for a bit; theres a lot of options for fame sinks. To name a few that I've generally thought of on the top of my head: Renaming, Custom Items, Taxes and Loot Drop/Loot Tier potions. These are things people would definately pay for with Nilly's Realm fame, and I think two of the options are pretty bare-bones simple. Then again, thats coming from somebody who has zero experience in working with a ROTMG Private Server, so its likely much harder than I take it for. Custom Items would make up for the lack of drop locations, as you can buy them right from the shop. Clearly they would be super expensive, but many people are willing to pay for variety, right?

    Now I understand programming weapons is likely a pain in the rear end, but knowing bulks of 10k-15k fame are being taken out of the market just because somebody decided to buy one of them sounds amazing as is. Name changing is currently 1000 gold, so why not make it something like 3k fame? Not overly cheap, but not too expensive. This would also help remove the name change requests and add an alternative to asking somebody to do it for you. Taxes don't have to be too insane or overboard, as people are trading and posting items to the market oftenly. Something like a 6-8% tax would work wonders on the market, and would stop people from posting trash and garbage on the marketplace for no reason.

    Annoying Bugs.

    Note: Many of these are likely not fixable.

    Yeah nobody likes bugs, and I'm a nobody so that counts me in too. I'm going to try and make this one a quickie, so here we go. For starters, theres the famous market bug were when an item gets replaced awhile you're looking at it. This causes the price to change, but not the items picture. I think it was well handled with the confirmation, but I still think this bug could use fixing. I've heard its apparently unfixable, which sucks. My idea of fixing it would be to either remove the market listing completely from its spot on the ground to reset the picture and the fame, or quickly replace it with a filler item thats unbuyable with a clock sprite. after 3 seconds, it will change to the next listing. This would be so it can't be bought once it changes. Even though theres a chance with the second idea that the picture would remain the same sprite, it would be a clear tell if the buy button wasn't working for a few moments.

    The second annoying one, which REALLY sucks, is the famous Teleportation bug. You know the one, don't act like you don't. The one were you go to teleport and somebody nexuses, dies, or crashes before you can click the button and it resets your teleport timer and doesn't teleport you. This one is rage inducing and really can kill somebodys mood quickly. One possible fix I'd suggest would be to refresh the teleport menu every 0.2 seconds or something. This likely wouldn't work, but its worth a shot I guess. Seeing as its an unpatched bug in PROD, I'm assuming it really isn't easy to fix. That or everybody who had owned prod is just lazy as fuck.

    So yeah, those are just a few complaints, bugs, suggestions, and quality whines from me. If you wish to talk about these or tell me why none of my ideas will work, then go ahead. I mostly needed just a typing vent, so I decided to make this topic. If you got some ideas to change some of this stuff, then post it down below. I'd love to see other ways some of this stuff could be done. I'll just leave this here before I go to sleep.


  • donating- compared to other servers this offers nothing. its same as discussing is hearthstone p2w. you can buy all expansions with irl cash instantly or you can buy them one by one with gold you get by playing game for 2 weeks or month.
    same here. you either buy donator and skip queue or wait it out like most players. i guess 75% of donators donated by pure reason to skip queue and then thought that this also keeps server alive.
    doesnt matter they donate for goodwill or perks. that keeps server alive anyways.

    fame sinks:
    renaming should cost 10-20k. its easy to get 3k and you dont want players changing their names like 5x times a day. loot/tier potions yes please. these would work for 3k each or 5k for both package i guess? taxing would ruin infinite marketplace storage and make market more interesting. lets just say i see cap sword for 11k. i add mine for 10k. then i see some1 added it for 9k now you can remove and re-add it for cheaper. with taxing you need to think if its worth to re-adding it because you lose more than 5 fame.

    bugs- both happens due laggspike i guess? oh well if its unfixable just warn new players about this somehow.
    teleporting glitch is in prod yeah but has any1 tried to fix it is the question.

  • I want to say NO to Loot Tier potions. Since tops are quite common, you have a chance to get end-game oryx gear (t14 weapons, t15 armor), which can trash its price.

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    @FakeGharr You'd have to be doing some shady shit to rename yourself 5 times a day. Even then, thats still a bunch of fameo out of the markeo. I think the cap sword situation is just common competition. If you're being outdone then deal with it, but thats just my mindset. Also, I wish to clarify even though you likely understood me that I don't have too much of a problem donating for the perks as much as it being called donations at this point, as most people are donating just for perks.

    @Vasya Fair point.

  • @Pringle nah some players would do it because they can and/or just to troll. price needs to be higher than 3k thats for sure. i mean i support taxing just thats my opinion about how it change marketing. prices might drop/skyrocket because of this. would be fun to see anyways.
    ok i agree its not donating if you get something in return but who cares how its named at the end? donating is how every pserver (talking about non rotmg based pservers) calls it since forever.

  • @Pringle I think they should fix it by just getting rid of the cooldown to teleport I really don't see how I would hurt the game. but that is just me

  • These all hit pretty good points here. I think the tax thingy might help a little but could possibly screw someone like me over. I sell lots of pots... LOTS..once I hit 6/8 I sell sell sell. When I first started I put a venge up (Its still there) and oh boy. Did I learn quick what people wanted. As I sell all my stuff for underpay just to get it sold faster. A so called "Technique" you can use for pot selling. A taxing that you say they are thinking of might make me only want to sell high UT's and just trade bulk pots for fame outside the marketplace.

    -Sidenote- Why was mana always so much. Much more dangerous to kill tomb bosses than thessal. Why?

    As for how things are with the bug. I've only died to lag on Prod. As I did last night in a wc with my archer who got sick confused and drunk all at once and then just popped due to drunk lag and such. I feel there are a few bugs that I have yet come into. One being how I -almost- Insta popped in a asylum because a mlg stone guy tossed his 360 rock bomb right on me but I moved right when I saw it because I had just looked up. Thats just about it. I dont know really what to say though. A lot of bugs can be fixed. It takes a lot of experience to know how. Nilly and the crew might not have the power to remove a bug because it might be something that they've never seen ever. It takes a long time for even Prod things to get fixed. Take the glitch with the scammy for instance. You know how they hotfixed it till they figured out the solution? You cant pick it up. Its as slippery as butter slides right back into the bag. Its lazy but it works. Now maybe DECA can fix it. It just proves my point. Some bugs are just hard to fix as you said with the examples you gave. Btw that teleportation things make me want to shove my nuts into a toaster and plug it up in the bathroom. Then jump into the bath. It just isn't fun when your timer resets :).

    Have a nice day Pringle.

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    @Prism said in Just my two cents on a few things.:

    -Sidenote- Why was mana always so much. Much more dangerous to kill tomb bosses than thessal. Why?

    More rare (you can get 3 lifes in 1 tomb but only 1 mana in an OT) and I think abilities play a larger role in nillys than prod so the extra mana is very useful.

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    @Prism i donated 40$ just to help. annnnd for the perks :P

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    @Prism more people do tombs because better and more drops - less people do OTs and if they do, its because they wanna max mana or get a cbow

  • That teleportation glitch really salts my apples, ya know what I mean?

  • @Prism I just realized that prism and @pringle are different people :O

  • @ianc lol

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