The wipe. (A story to bandwagon on the NR story fame train)

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    This is a story to over dramatize the wipe because that's fun

    It was a calm day in the realm. Noah And Jack ( @JacktheRipper ) where calmly sitting in a cyclops castle. They here just talking about the recent items and how there trading was going when suddenly Loudman @LoudmanWasCool ran into the room with ThatGuy @ItsThatRektGuy Came in. loudman Said aloud "Hey faggot nerds" sarcastically. We all sat down. Guy told us how the use some 6/8 rouge as a meat shield fighting O3. But suddenly we felt rumbling and the earth quaking. We just thought we where fighting Oryx. We were not. A large orb of light was in the sky we ll got our things and rushed through the godlands to get there. Seems like everyone in the realm had the same idea as the whole realm so everyone was circled around this whirling ball of light that had winds rippling around the dusty landscape. Pebbles, dust, trees and even some people where caught in the whirlwind. The orb lowered and formed into a figure. as the sky evermore darkens he touches the earth with a loud crack of lightning he revealed himself. With his hazy glow and his green star. It was Nilly himself. People in awe trued to approach but to be withered away from the energy still surging around him. He told us of a large black storm to destroy everything. The realm. The Nexus. The market. The useless pet yard. Almost everything would be destroyed into nothingness. Some celebrated. Some cried. Some didn't give a fuck. Nilly then finished his speech. then with a large thrash of force a powerful wave of wind thrown us back onto the ground. As we got back to our feet we observed the area. Uprooted trees and dead corpses everywhere. All dead from blunt trauma. (No by blunt I don't mean pot. ya stoners) So hearing this the quad of people headed back to the fort a little ways afar. Upon reaching there there was some others there telling how the deadly wave coming was in a few hours. They dubbed this "The Great Wipe" a few hours of screwing around later they all heard screaming and rumbling. Noah pulled out a spy glass and saw the Wall tearing the beach to oblivion and then speedly heading to the glands. While doing so throwing derbis and and vegetation to them. As the rumbling and screaming grew louder it was right in front of them. Large black wall everything seemed slow now. The four looked over at each other and held on for dear life. The great force instantly Paralized Guy. Loud, Jack,Noah And guy where luckly thrown over the wall and into the black abyss behind it. The all caught each other falling. Guy was the first to dissapear into the void. Noah looked over to see Jmn emotionlessly falling into the void also. All holding on Jack snapped his neck hitting a Killer Pillar. So Noah And Loud where left falling.
    in the sky Nilly had a boombox playing a song.
    Don't you, forget about me

    Don't, don't, don't, don't
    Don't you, forget about me

    As you walk on by
    Will you call my name?
    As you walk on by
    Will you call my name?
    When you walk away
    As Loud and Noah Fell into nothingness
    Noah @Noah_ (Why am i tagging myself)
    Jack @JacktheRipper
    Loudman @LoudmanWasCool
    Guy @ItsThatRektGuy
    Jmn @Justin137
    @Pringle (Inspration)
    And for Bezerk by Eminem for some reason
    Nillys BoomBox

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    @Noah_ Wall of text

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    WHERE AM I!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!11!one!1!!!!!!!One!!!!!1!?!/?!???!!?!?!?!

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    @DrVoorhees2.0 And Voorhees was falling in the abyss too. Yelling because he dropped his Gship sword

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    @ItsThatRektGuy Dont worry. And alternate ending MIGHT be comming out later on tonight if you guys want where i build the ark out by taking urgle slaves and saving all of the cool kids

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    @ItsThatRektGuy Hell yeah.
    I also need more content for it.
    Add all of the shit you can make up in your head.
    I will most likely use all of it

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    It didn't tag me.
    @Nolly Fix.

    Oh, nvm.
    I'm @Jack-the-Ripper :D

    All holding on Jack snapped his neck hitting a Killer Pillar.

    Wut... I would teleport with my plane.
    fix pl0x

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    @Jack-the-Ripper Dont worry.
    The alt ending will be even better


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  • The void was infinite. Everything was dark. Loud, Jack, Noah, Guy stared at eachother with kawaii eyes. Suddenly, Loud-san replied: "Ohh, Noah-chan, you my sugoi". Then they had foursome.
    The end.

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    @Vasya This is my first time I'm telling you this - kys lol.

    (Use this)
    I have no time atm. ;-;

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    @Noah_ +1
    Best story ever.

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    Everything went to shit
    the end

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    You little bitch you didn't add me

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    @ClaywhyRulez Well since these came out pretty well I might make it a whole kinda series like pringle.
    If that happens then your definitely in

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