Flaming Boomerang Rework

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    This is a suggestion to change the Flaming Boomerang just a tad.
    Shady said it wasn't against the rules to do so!

    I have mixed feelings about how the bow already works. I don't know how you got the shot pattern to work like that, but that's its main unique factor. The range is 10/10, but I think the shot pattern takes away from that. You have to be precise in where you aim, and its hard to do that when enemies are chasing after you, and it may be a better choice to quickly switch to a different bow. Although there are some practical uses for this bow, it doesn't do really anything that a Dbow can't. The damage is also pretty 10/10, a bit less than a dbow, but again, the range makes up for it not being as powerful. I see this bow go up for 300 fame in the marketplace sometimes, which looks to be the lowest price of all of the UT bows.

    I'm not making this suggestion to say that the Flaming Boomerang is bad, I'm saying that it could be a little better. I wont ramble anymore, here is my suggestion:

    Here is the original:

    0_1469749129224_flaming boomerang.png ----- 0_1469753238343_flaming boomerang proj.png

    Name: Flaming Boomerang

    Description: You sometimes wish it wouldn't come back.

    Shots: 1

    Damage: 200 - 300

    Range: 8

    • Speed: ???
    • Lifetime: ???

    ROF: 50%

    Fame Bonus: None

    Shots hit multiple targets
    Shots ignore defense

    Here are the changes that I think would make this bow a little better:
    The changes made are marked in this color (except for the sprite). Stuff that the other weapon did not have/ was unknown is marked in blue.

    0_1469749943827_flaming boomerang rework.png ----- 0_1469753277041_flaming boomerang proj.png
    [Even though I made it, I am not fond of this sprite. It does not have enough of a boomerang feel and the color isn't right imo. Just a placeholder for now.]

    Name: Flaming Boomerang

    Description: You sometimes wish it wouldn't come back.

    Shots: 4

    Projectile Size: 110

    Arc Gap: 175

    Damage: 50 - 75

    Range: 8

    • Speed: 15
    • Lifetime: 1200

    Amplitude: 8

    Frequency: 0.5

    ROF: 50%

    Fame Bonus: 3%

    Shots hit multiple targets
    Shots ignore defense

    XML for my version:

    <Object type="0x237f" id="Flaming Boomerang">
    <Description>You sometimes wish it wouldn't come back.</Description>
    <ObjectId>Fire Boomerang</ObjectId>
    <DisplayId>Flaming Boomerang</DisplayId>

    Not sure if that's the right sound for the bow. Ah. :<

    As you can see, the only difference is the number of shots and the damage, as well as a fame bonus addition (well, and the sprite, but it's trash). This bow would still do the exact same dps, as 50 -75 is 1/4 of 200 - 300, and there are 4 projectiles. That is, if you hit all of them. This version still has the boomerang effect, but the shots do not land directly back onto the player. Also, the description doesn't match the feel as well since there are four shots. I'm bad at descriptions, but I also didn't want to destroy the original version.

    I feel like changing it this way would give it more uses. After all, this game doesn't really have a soulbound rule. One hit and you're good. But now that the damage was reduced, it may not be as effective to go for range, but for power. For example, When entering Bedlam's room, range would definitely help out in that first stage, but the small amount of damage may not help quite as much as compared to the Dbow, which can reach just as fine. You feel? Some people may not think about weapon/ movement strategies like I do, but I know a few people that do.

    P.S. No offense to the person that made the Flaming Boomerang :<


  • uck the hackers

    not bad. i dont mind it
    just an opinion.. tbh i think it would make it so much better if u made the bottom of the arrow smaller but thats just my thoughts

  • A Waste of Matter

    I set the rate of fire to 500 and i'm having the most fun i've ever had

  • Killer Keemstar 2.0

    The original looks like a pizza so I like this rework of the bow

  • Trading Moderators

    The boomerang is already fine in my opinion, I actually find it better than dbow.

  • @Wizardism fr its way cheaper and in some situations it's even better. It does a good amount of damage, armor breaks, has more range, and has a faster fire rate. All you need is some practice to be actually decent with it.

  • Famous Forumers

    @Wizardism Yeah I agree
    I like the feeling you get when using it successfully, its a skillshot. Its rewarding for skilled players.
    Giving it four shots kinda makes it lose it's appeal if you ask me

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