• Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Because of the wipe everybody has nothing. Here are some tips to get back to the top.
    1: Run UDLs early
    UDLs give decent loot, so it's good for any starting character

    That's it

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    They give 2 whites (3 technically I guess) and a wis pot. They're easy to run but somewhat time consuming if you're not already maxed since you'll have to go through the septevious phases over again

  • Since he talked about starting characters, I think he was also referring to the ~T8 armor and weapons and T3-T4 abilities dropped by the dungeon mobs. Completing the boss itself can be tedious, however the dungeon mobs give you a much better chance at gear than godlands does (especially if you skipped to godlands early on and didn't go through midlands or highlands and have insufficient gear for farming gods.)

  • lol this guide is actually crap

    @JJordan pm me ill give tips and hints for you to profit off and some to put on this thread ;)

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