Potion Selling Idea:

  • Hello everyone. I have a suggestion:

    In the marketplace, there should be a system implemented to buying pots and choosing the amount of that pot that you want to purchase similar to keys shown below:

    • The minimum of a potion you can purchase is 1, and the maximum should be 40.
    • You buy them in bulk, and they'll be placed and stored in the gift chest or vault.
    • There can be a set amount for each x8 that you purchase as well, maybe even having it discounted %10-15 less fame if you buy it wholesale or in bulk.

    I want to hear some suggestions to improve upon this. This is a minor but simple idea that can be implemented and should be looked further into, thank you- Century

  • there is a feature post where you can post your feature ideas and admins look at the post it was posted by knorrex i think

  • @Replica I should try to find the post, if he already came up with this I should take this thread down.

  • it wouldnt work in marketplace because that could then be used to get items for alot cheaper so say someone buys a sadistblade at 4k

    if he then bought 8 of the same sadist blade it would register it as buying 8x4 instead of the increasing price (if the price were to increase with him buying 8)

  • @ergona2.0 This is specifically only for potions, this should not be used for weapons at all.

  • Lolicons

    or you could not be lazy :^>

  • @Century said in Potion Selling Idea::

    @ergona2.0 This is specifically only for potions, this should not be used for weapons at all.

    no but purchasing items in general shares the same system so weapons was my example because it is the best example

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