Warning! Challenger Approaching!

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    A new foe has appeared!

    3... 2...1... GO!

    (Sprite inspired by Marty)

    This is Oryx's Fire Horse. How else was Oryx supposed to admire the beauty of his entire realm? This is an idea for a new event.

    It has its own spawn area! It's meant to look like a volcano. This event only spawns in the god lands, and once per realm.
    (Pretty sure there is a spawn point for the file, I just erased it for the picture)



    HP: 165,000
    Def: 55
    Exp: 12,000
    Speed while chasing: 4 tiles/sec

    Immune to Stasis
    Immune to Slow
    Immune to Stun
    Immune to Paralysis

    Level 20 Quest
    Counts toward God kills

    Sound when hurt: Same a Skull shrine
    Sound when defeated: Same as Skull Shrine

    Entering The Realm

    • Spawns only in the godlands

    Upon entering the realm, Oryx will say one of the following:

    <Oryx the Mad God> Ride, Fire Horse, ride like the wind!

    <Oryx the Mad God> Hmph. See how you stand against my noble steed!

    <Oryx the Mad God> My Fire Horse can out speed even the fastest of rogues!

    Upon death, Oryx will say one of the following:

    <Oryx the Mad God> Bah, there are better and stronger horses than that one, (Player Name)!

    <Oryx the Mad God> Don't think that the death of my Fire Horse is a victory!


    Phase 1: Heat Wave

    • Activates at 164,999 HP, otherwise Fire Horse will not attack


    Fire Horse stands still while shooting out this attack at the nearest player. It's a simple attack to start the fight. Don't get too close! Continues until Phase 2.

    3 waves/sec

    Projectile: Directed Explosion

    Shots: 10

    Arc Gap: 12

    Range: 7.3

    • Speed: 100
    • Lifetime: 730

    Damage: 95

    Condition Effect: None

    Phase 2: Shooting Star

    • Activates at 140,000 HP

    0_1470118976026_horseattack 6.png

    Fire Horse pauses, flashes green, and becomes invulnerable for 3 seconds for the indication of a phase change. He begins to chase the nearest player while shooting out the first pattern. After 8 seconds of chasing, he will stop, become armored, and start shooting out this next pattern for 5 seconds. This repeats until Phase 3.


    ATTACK 1
    4 waves/sec

    Projectile: Flame Breath

    Shots: 5

    Arc Gap: 12

    Range: 8.86

    • Speed: 140
    • Lifetime: 620

    Amplitude: 4.5

    Frequency: 0.7

    Damage: 75

    Condition Effect: Weak for 5 seconds

    ATTACK 2
    2 waves/sec; Rotation: 1 rotation/5 sec

    Projectile: Demon Fire Blast

    Shots: 12

    Arc Gap: 30

    Range: 9

    • Speed: 60
    • Lifetime: 1500

    Damage: 100 (Armor Piercing)

    Condition Effect: None

    Phase 3: Lava Whirlpool

    • Activates at 100,000 HP



    Fire Horse stops and becomes invulnerable for 3 seconds while flashing green for the indication of a phase change. Immediately after, he chases the nearest player again while shooting out all patterns shown above. This could easily be the most aggressive phase, as the dangerous effects and high damage could destroy you if you make the wrong move... continues until Phase 4

    ATTACK 1 & 2
    Consists of two shot patterns, though they are the same. They are mirrored, one shooting yellow stars one direction, while the other shoots red stars in the opposite direction.

    4 wave/sec; Rotation: 1 rotation/4 sec

    Projectile: Red Star, Yellow Star

    Shots: 3

    Arc Gap: 27

    Range: 5

    • Speed: 100
    • Lifetime: 500

    Amplitude: 1.2

    Frequency: 0.6


    • Red: 115 (Armor Pierce)
    • Yellow: 55

    Condition Effect:

    • Red: None
    • Yellow: Confused for 2 seconds

    ATTACK 3
    Everyone loves boomerang shots, amirite?

    1 wave/sec

    Projectile: Yellow Swipe

    Projectile Size: 130

    Shots: 9

    Arc Gap: 20

    (True) Range: 9.5

    • Speed: 1
    • Lifetime: 1600

    Amplitude: 9.5

    Frequency: 0.49

    Damage: 80

    Condition Effect: Armor Break

    Phase 4: Sun Self-Destruct

    • Activates at 50,000 HP


    Fire Horse stops, becomes invulnerable, and flashes green for 3 seconds once again. At this point, Fire Horse is exhausted and can't do much but, you guessed it, self-destruct! Well, it isn't an actual self destruct, it's only meant to look like one. A weak one. He still continues to chase the nearest player. Continues until defeated.

    5 wave/sec

    Projectile: Science Fire Ball

    Shots: 5

    Arc Gap: 72

    Range: 8.5

    • Speed: 140
    • Lifetime: 607

    Amplitude: 4.5

    Frequency: 0.68

    Damage: 50

    Condition Effect: None

    Now, the moment everyone's been waiting for...
    "Uh, okay, cool bruh, but what kind of sick loot can I get from this thing???"



    • T5 - T6 Abilities [T5: 0.15; T6: 0.05]]
    • T5 Rings [0.1]
    • T11 - T12 Weapons [T11: 0.1; T12: 0.05]
    • T12 - T13 Armor [T12: 0.1; T13: 0.05]
    • Wine Cellar Incantation [.001]

    Blue: [All 0.1]

    • Potion of Vitality
    • Potion of Defense (Horses have stamina!)
    • Potion of Attack (Horses are strong!)
    • Potion of Dexterity
    • Potion of Speed (Horses are fast!)
    • Potion of Wisdom (Horses are smart!)

    White: [Both .0025] (1 in 400)

    • Hellfire Robe (Moved from Belladonna)
    • Fire Ring (Moved from Dr. Terrible)


    • Lair of Shaitan [0.2] (1 in 5)




    A new event that drops the Lair of Shaitan

    Okay, I think I got it all. Wew.


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    No whites? D;


  • I want to die

    i would make the setpiece a little more "round"

  • 烧烤酸奶 ( BBQ YOGHURT )

    Looks interesting, +1
    Maybe Existing UTs can be shifted here from bosses that have an overload of UT drops
    I'm looking at you, Dr Terrible.

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @Food Perhaps even bella's fire robe too.

  • A Waste of Matter

    I usually ignore most posts, set them to watch and go back to it later to reply (spoiler alert: I don't go back.)

    But let's give this one a shot, shall we?


    Green: Green means the item is great. (5/5)
    Blue: Blue means that it has some great prospects but still needs some tweaking. (4/5)
    Orange: Orange means that it has got prospects but isn't add-worthy. (3/5)
    Yellow: Yellow means that it has potential, but isn't finished. (2/5)
    Red: Red means that It's not really good. You should either scrap it or re-envision it. (1/5)
    Black: This deserves a Citation because this is probably a shitpost idea.


    Sprite: There's nothing really wrong about it, I give it a yes.


    • The HP is very low, it should be higher due to the large amount of damage that players can inflict, along with the fact that every goes to 1% events when they spawn.

    • Def is fine; as long as you give the HP a good boost.

    Recommend: About 165.000HP with the kind of event this will turn out to be.

    • Experience point distribution Is WAYYY too low. Boshy gives 10,000, Sanic gives 12,500, and The Kid gives 15,000. (Fanatic Exp is not listed on wiki.) Recommend: Around 11,000 - 13,000 Exp.

    Immunities: The immunities are fine, I suppose; though Daze will be a great companion with this event.

    Attacks: In my opinion, the general attack(s) are far too erratic, and could lead to a player dying somewhat unfairly.

    One example is when the Fire Horse is swapping to Phase Two, he changes to a charging attack to a player with no warning with dealing major damage.

    This would've gotten a Blue rank, but you didn't mention the Fire Horse's base speed; if it would've been too high, I would've made it a Red rank; but since there isn't, I just decided to split it in the middle.


    • For loot, i'd suggest that you give it a white bag that doesn't have many other EASY drop locations, it'll certainly level out the playing field.

    • I noticed that the Fire Horse has misc marked as Lair of Shaitan; to be more specific, it should say "Has a 50% chance to drop a Lair of Shaitans Portal.", or something like that.

    • You should be more specific on the drop rates of the items that are coming from this event.

    Missing Info: The only missing info that I really noticed was the missing base speed on the Fire Horse.

    Verdict: I give this idea a 3.5/5.

    Good Luck!

  • Infamous Forumers

    No whites no boss m8 redo most of dat shit.

  • I like this idea and hope it gets added but i think that the drops could be a little better like cyan could drop some tops or old tops or it could also drop vit and dex

  • I don't care

    I like the idea, but the problem is the drops.

    There is too much risk, not enough reward. Even if you think it doesn't need a white, it should have one. At least then it would have some type of reward, since this event doesn't even give all the 6 pots. A much easier event like a pent can give more pots with way less risk.

    Also, bring up pent again, (since its a easy event), pent drops old tops as well. This event should too. I know, the reason to do this event is shaitans but still. It doesn't really match too well with the other events if it's going to have such crap drops.

    Just make it drop t11 weapons, and t12 armors too. And give it a nice UT. That's all it needs.

  • Sex Guns

    Nice stick legs on the horse lmao
    you don't even try to make them look interesting
    it's like the gigacorn except with shit colors and black as shading
    it's also slimmer, making it look much worse.
    It's a nice idea to make something spawn Shaitan, but as Charizard said, it's too much risk for little reward.
    I don't like that it shoots hard to dodge shotguns for the whole first phase, maybe something else for the first phase too.
    It doesn't look too easy for what it drops, I mean, a boss that can potentially one-shot you drops T7-T9 shit and pots? and also spawns once per realm. 11/10 not worth fighting at all.
    Something that spawns only once per realm, gives pretty much nothing.

    I give you a youtried/10
    alt text

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    Give it the hellfire robe and the ring of fire as drops. (that for some reason bella and Dr. Terrible currently drop)

  • Detective

    If i saw this thing in realm I wouldnt even try to find it knowing the drops are pure trash.

    Make it drop something and ill give some feedback since i have not much to say.

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @ClrPnk Some suggestions to change the drop table:
    t9-t12 Weapons
    t9-t13 Armor
    t5-t6 Abilities
    t4-t5 Rings

    Hellfire robe 1/500 (removed from Belladonna drop table) (rate should be tweaked)
    Fire ring 1/500 (removed from Dr.Terrible drop table) (rate should be tweaked)

  • honestly all i think this needs is to be able to drop old tops and wc inc and then i would be happy to steamroll this thing ery day 7 days a week

    oh ummm.... one problem though xD sprite is very much stolen just noticed that

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    Fire Horse V1.1

    I see we got lotsa problems, mostly having to do with the difficulty to loot ratio.


    • Changed the map, has a more 'round' feel than before c;

    HP: 60,000 ---> 165,000
    Def: 45 ---> 55
    Exp: 1,500 ---> 12,000

    • Added Sound when hurt/defeated (forgotten the first time)

    Entering the Realm

    • Added the entire section 'cause I forgot it before .-.


    • 'Activates at ###,### HP' Changed to match new HP
    • Transition from Phase 1 to Phase 2 changed so that it isn't as abrupt


    • Removed purple bag section
    • Now drops more and better loot
    • Added drop rates (forgotten the first time)
    • Added items for the whitebag section, moved from different bosses as it does not have it's own

    Uh, alsooooooooooooo...

    @Marty If you don't like the horse so much, draw me a different one. Go on with your badass self.



    And when I went back to look for it, I noticed that someone else already messed with the 'Attack 1' animation and neglected to change the tags, so... :))))))))))

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    mfw wat are its legs. well done with everything else however

  • 🏤 Forum Citizens 🏡

    What kind of a Smash reference is this?

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    maybe this can drop the lava pally set instead of ghost ship? because it doesnt really make sense when a fucking spooky ship in water is dropping lava shit

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    also may i add my idea of a staff onto here clr?

  • Banned

    @pringle there is a white LOOK

  • 🏤 Forum Citizens 🏡

    @awlwongoriginal -_- clrpink JUST added it.

  • Banned

    oh ok -_-

  • #WIPE HYPE Banned

    +1 I really like this idea

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @awlwongoriginal pink added whites after pringle said no whites -.-

  • Sex Guns

    @ClrPnk But if I make a better one, you replace your own with mine lmao

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