Scammer scums

  • theres alot of rwt going on after wipe becase people need fame and some people say really good offers
    and new players might do it and get scammed with out any proof or just a screen shot we need to takes
    scammers down once and for all

    Scammers should be permantley banned from nillys realm and the forums as a result of there behavior

  • And you think that there wasn't any scammer before the wipe?

  • @Kyubi Where did i say that there were many scams before wipe but im saying now that wipe has happened people are trying to get ahead and sell prod items or buy fame sell acc etc alot more

  • You just made a useless thread tbh.Everyone wants to get rid of scammers,you are not first.And just to be clear,saying ''scammers should be permanently banned'' won't make them permanently banned.You have been probably scammed and u are salty or something.

  • i have not been scammed i have only done one rwt with dudemn and it went smooth gave him my prod acc for 8k fame

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