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  • Hello guys so yesterday i was trying to sell my prod account, i ofc didnt want to do it without a middle man so i went and asked obama and boyka neither online so i was just seacrching for trusted members in comunity came accross Pringle he semmed trusted right so i go ahead pm him tell him what i am selling/buying he is like ok sure ill do it, so we are in skype (chat) getting all set up. I pass the information to him to let him see the account its all good, then the other guy says he just got a better offer. So i am like oh that was just wasting my time, he gives me back my information i change the pass everywhere but i didnt check the account tho. Today next morning i log onto my rotmg account and the check with cosmic, acrop, elder, colo IS GONE. So there is no way anyone could of have taken it besides him. I am really disapointed that such a trusted guy would do this kind of stuff for 7 or 8 life i think!! THAT IS STUPID!!I know i should of have waited for obama or boyka but i was inpatient hopefully someone does something about this0_1470297241287_Screenshot_3.png

  • :o Sorry for ya lost fam

  • I dont really care about the 8 life its that i got scammed but a guy that is this trusted by the community!? I mean why!? Did he think he would get away with it.

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    hold on there, so you said somebody else had a better offer but what happened to that buyer?

  • The buyer didn't want to do the trade becouse he said, he got a better buyer.

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    Wheres the proof of Pringle being a scammer when you had 2 buyers... ok this is confusing

  • Cancer what dont u get? I DIDNT HAVE 2 BUYERS the buyer that wanted to buy my account told me in the middle of the trade that HE got a better offer

  • yeah i dont believe this at all i have known pringle for a while now he is a good dude he wouldnt do something like this also... i dont even think he has skype...

  • He contacted the buyer from skype and forums to show him its legit so yeah he has got skype.

  • well either get 100% solid proof or sorry for your loss but nothing is going to happen

  • Well its obvious he is the only one that got a hold of my account, i proved that with the picture, so i don't see what else could happen. Now i am starting to see why he did it becouse he wont face any penalty since he is ''trusted''.

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    Time to defend myself against these claims.
    First off, I can confirm that is me in that skype message. I was asked to middleman between him and fistbites. I was given his account information and I logged into it to see if it was legit, along with logging into his email. After I confirmed they were real, he asked me to change the passwords, but fistbites didn't want to trade so I logged out and haven't touched his account since.

    I have the full skype log and all of its glory, including the email and password he used (which I will NOT show here.) If any admins wish to contact me for proof, I will be glad to provide it.

    First off: You're lacking proof that I scammed you. All you are showing is when we parted ways after we found out the trade didn't work out.

    Second: If I wanted to scam you, which I do not, I could of changed your password and taken your entire account. I clearly did not do this, and if I wished to ruin my reputation and my credibility, why not go for broke? I don't understand why somebody with such intentions would just stop at taking a few lifes worth of items, when they had full access to your account.

    Third: You don't even have video/visual evidence. Why did you wait so long to check your vault? Shouldn't you of checked it and screenshoted it before and after, or at least take a video?

    Lastly, fourth: Vaults were recently changed in position, is there a chance that it may have cuased you to lose sight on some of your items? Are you positive that they are missing?

    Theres more I could think of, but you posted this so early in the morning and tbh I'm kind of tired. All I'm saying is if you're going to throw claims against me, at least provide more proof. And please check your vault a few more times to make sure you're positive its missing completely. Also check your characters in case you put your items on them.
    Was that trade only there to frame me?
    coloring over fisties name cuz he has nothin' to do with this as far as I know. If its important, I'll give it to an admin.
    and for my last edit, this belongs in the official scammer topic.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Just let me know what u want me to provide to you full skype log ? I can do that. I waited to check the vaults becouse i trusted u didnt really need to do it, all i did was change the pass everywhere and then go to sleep when i got up things were gone, i got a pic of the items in my other thread selling the account so i can provide before/after pics.

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    I don't see any proof you owned those items in the first place, let alone that he took them.

  • Here my full vaults before trading after the items i stated were gone.

  • Admin

    are you sure they aren't in another chest, considering the vault layout has been updated

  • It is an updated vault in those screenshots.

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    @newbylel I heard in a video its shape was changed into an X and then changed back. perhaps deca misplaced some chests? I don't know how mapping works when it comes to chests. Or were those screenies taken AFTER the X? I haven't played prod enough to know if the new layout was there before or not, so I'm kinda confused.

  • Look guys this is all i can say i got he proff that he had access to the account (the only one beside me) and the items went missing so i think that is pretty logical that he took them thats all i am going to say what u do about it is noone of my thing but all i want u to do is stay safe.

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