Arduous Intention (Dagger from the Puppet Theatre)

  • Fair is foul, and foul is fair:
    I've got an idea to share!

    With 'ghostly trail' / Without 'ghostly trail'
    0_1470354061976_Macbeth's Dagger (Hilt Rework).PNG 0_1470576257102_Macbeth's Dagger No Smoke.PNG
    0_1470344427000_Macbeth's Dagger Projectile.PNG

    Arduous Intention
    "Its ghostly blade mesmerizes you to commit a terrible act."

    Drops from: Puppet Master (Chest) at a rate of 0.007 (0.7%).
    And yeah, it's UT and drops in a white bag.

    -Shots: 1
    -Damage: 110-155 (Avg. 132.5)
    -Rate of Fire: 90%
    -Projectile Speed: 90
    -Lifetime: 578
    -Range: 5.2
    -Amplitude: 1.3
    -Frequency: 0.04
    Stat Bonuses: -7 wisdom; +4 speed
    Effect: Pierces through multiple enemies; Ignores Defense
    Fame Bonus: 4%
    Sprites:0_1470354090278_Macbeth's Dagger Hilt Rework.png 0_1470584638601_Macbeth's Dagger (No Smoke).png 0_1470344645853_Macbeth Dagger Projectile.png

    Notes on the sprites:
    When I was making the dagger, I was basing it on this. The blade turned out horribly and looked more like a sword's. After accidentally deleting a few pixels, I was satisfied with it! Yay! Although, I don't like the dagger's hilt/handle, it looks boring to me, and the 'ghost trail' looks strange, so feedback is helpful. [Fixed these stuff]. (It's supposed to have a particle trail, with the colour being the same as the 'ghostly smoke' on the blade, and having a lifetime of 100. Oh, and the projectile's size is 100.

    Balancing and Stuff:

    0_1470582261172_Macbeth's Dagger DPS Chart.PNG
    Red: Dagger of Foul Malevolence
    Blue: Dagger of Dire Hatred (T14)
    Orange: Bloodbath Dagger
    Yellow: Bent Dagger
    Green: Arduous Intention (My dagger!)
    White: Hairy Karambit

    I don't know if putting in BBath in the graph would be relevant, it is pretty different than my dagger.
    The tiered daggers are there just to show where all the daggers lie in terms of dps.

    The thing that matters is my dagger vs. Bent Dagger (and vs. Hairy Karambit).

    First off, what's special about my dagger is that it pierces through multiple enemies and ignores defense. A downside about it is that it gives -7 wis (but gives +4 spd).

    Compared to Bent Dagger, my dagger...
    -Has lower DPS
    +Has higher range
    +Ignores defense
    -Doesn't pass through obstacles
    +- (-7 wis, +4 spd)
    +Actually HAS a fame bonus

    Compared to Hairy Karambit, my dagger...
    +Has higher DPS
    -Has lower range
    -Doesn't pass through obstacles
    +- My dagger has (-7 wis, +4 spd), and Hairy Karambit has (+10 wis, -10 vit)

    Note: all 3 daggers can pierce through multiple enemies.

    That's about it. Sorry if the balancing things don't seem clear, I stayed up faaar too late and I'm really tired, rip. I wrote it all on paper while doing the stuff of pfiffel's dps calculator, and it all seemed fine to me. If you don't understand it though, feel free to mention it in via commenting, and I'll answer you as best as I can (I'm terrible at explanations by the way so be warned xP).

    (The dagger is a reference to the 'ghost dagger' scene at Macbeth's castle, in William Shakespeare's "The Tragedy of Macbeth").

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    I like the sprite, but I think the handle should have a little more shading. ;)

    Another tip of mine is to not include the armor and ect. when comparing items, as some people may not be using those items.

  • Oh, that was faster than I thought!

    I agree, the hilt is what disturbs me the most, but I'll try to fix it later. And I'm not sure why, but I kinda wanted to use the offensive-stat-boosting gear on the DPS chart >.<
    I can change that and the post later, too :P Thanks for the feedback! It's my first time doing this thing, and I reeeaaally want to be really good at this.

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @Fierokk No problem! Can't wait to see improvement. c;

  • @Pringle There! I think it looks better now.
    Also, what do you think about the balancing issues/drop area/drop rate? I'm pretty sure my item won't get added, but I want to be certain that I'm doing it right :P

  • Welcome to Chili's

    I like the sprite, but do we really need another dagger?

  • Lolicons

    Shade? Idk if you can do it with white

  • @RyanDestro While I do notice that NR adds 10 daggers to the base game (2nd most, 1st goes to swords), I only made this to try out my spriting/balancing. I will certainly be joyful if it's added, but I already know that my idea will never be implemented (most likely because it's my first one lolz). Thanks nonetheless for feedback!

  • Famous Forumers

    @Fierokk Why is it unique? Does this serve a certain niche? What would this be used for? Can't I just use a Bbath instead of this?

  • @Pyrouge It's unique because it has the ability to pass through obstacles. I was trying to follow the 'ghostly dagger' theme, and originally wanted to allow it to pass through both obstacles and mobs, but then I realized that Bent Dagger already did that.. So I had to decide between passing through obstacles /or/ mobs (I chose going through obstacles because I thought that fits more to the theme).
    It's sort of like the Eternal Rest, where it is really situational, but instead it actually has decent dps, at least higher than a t14 dagger.
    I guess BBath is better overall, I probably didn't pay too much attention there. I don't think raising my dagger's damage is going to make it better, maybe I can increase the drop rate?

  • Good idea. +1 and why would people use this? Like pyrouge said, it only passes through objects, but bbath does higher dps. Unless you do tons of skulls , maybe I would use different dagger!

  • Famous Forumers

    @Fierokk How is it situational? Would it be a dagger to be used where you just stand behind a wall and shoot? Is the ability to pass through obstacles really that important?And include this information in the topic post.

  • I don't care

    Sprite looks good, but a thing I noticed is you didn't include invisi dagger in your DPS graph. It's a good dagger too!

  • Infamous Forumers

    The two dots that are on the dagger.
    Remove it. Its makes the dagger slightly bad.

  • Oh gosh, I'm getting rekt really bad.

    @Pyrouge Hmm, I guess passing through only obstacles does seem a bit useless, perhaps I'll just switch it to passing through only enemies and change its stats to keep it balanced. I did mention it passing through obstacles in the OP, but I guess I didn't state it as obvious as I wanted to, so I'll probably change that too.

    @Charizard You're right, Invis dagger is a great dagger! :P Not sure why I didn't put it in there, probably because I thought at some point that adding more weapons to the graph would make it look messy, but I'll put that in soon.

    @BreadStick Those two dots were supposed to be "ghost smoke" or something like that, but I guess it turned out too horribly, so I'll remove those.

  • Shitposters

    @Fierokk People tend to be very picky on sprites ;)

  • @Not-A-Ninja Yeah, but I guess it is kinda true :P
    I did have problems with that "ghost trail" thing, so I'll just remove those dots, and probably just keep the trail that's on the blade there. Editing stuff right now, so rip.

  • Shitposters

    @Fierokk I don't think it looks too bad tbh, good job.
    Can see u put the work in with the data also. Keep it up.

  • @Not-A-Ninja Oh, thank you! In that case, I think I'll put up both images of the dagger, with and without those dots, just to see more opinions on it.
    Yeah, aside from the sprites, I really want my thing to be balanced and fitting for what it's aimed to do. This is strangely making me nervous when putting it online >.>

  • Shitposters

    @Fierokk I can sometimes get the same feeling xD.

  • Okay, I've pretty much completely changed my dagger's stats. I've also added both images of my dagger, with and without the ghost trail (don't worry, I've also added the 8x8 image too).
    Right now, my dagger has more of a use that before, but I'm veeeerrry worried about balancing (I'm also worried that my dagger would be basically a Karambit with better dps, lower range, no obstacle-passing and different stat bonuses).
    Again, I need a lot of feedback! All of what I got was really helpful, so many thanks to everyone who has commented on this topic!

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