The History of nilly's realm: Chapter 1-"Prehistory".

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    Long before time it self was a thing and before it was popular, their was an egg. Many don't know what the colour of the egg was but some speculated it to be black. That egg held one of the most precious life in Universe 2-420, it contained a GOD, in order for so egg to crack it needed the right environment. It drifted for aeons in an empty, desolate wasteland but suddenly, outta nowhere a giant BANG it split open. The energy that was made in the BANG allowed way for the first atom to be built and the GOD inside emerged out, the omniscient being's name was nillard - nilly for sort. Though only 5 mere seconds old, nillard had more brain capacity than any Tylers in the entirety of Universe 3-360 aka the Planet of the Tylers. From that moment on little nillard knew what loneliness was and searched hard for the right solar-system, for the right planet, for the right realm. But to no avail. Then he thought, "What if I made a realm myself". With all the powers stored deep inside his balls (and mind) he conjured up a giant Golem named Johnathan, who would be the location for realm number 209. nillard grinded all night until finally he had done it, he had created the perfect image of the realm. Yet it required more life to it so using his own image he created the first life, a mere image of himself, Glorthan.

    That concludes nilly's realm Pre-History part 1, in the next part it will be the upgrade of nilly's and about the new Watchers known as the Developers.

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    The ACTUAL history of NR if someone is interested.

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    @Hailtion wow learn a new thing evryday

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    this one is takes place in a different Universe

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