Regarding my ban (Devon)

  • Do not worry fellow posters, I have contacted nilly about the grounds of my ban and the offending moderator will be dealt with. Looking into the rules, none of my recent posts fall under the catagory of shitpost. All of the posts (especially in off-topic) do not require a certain level of grammar or quality as long as it is relevant to the topic of the thread. My comment "ayylmao" on the topic "ayyyy" was relevant to the original post. As not being the creator of the original post, my comment is in reply to a topic that may be considered a "shit-post." As a standard user I am not responsible for deciding what is or is not a shitpost, and as long as my reply is relevant to the original topic I am obeying the rules. As I have said this has been brought to nillys attention and I will be unbanned soon and the moderator in question will hopefully get a crash course on how to moderate a forum. Thanks


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  • most of your posts are shitposts

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    @Bwad But it's 'a' Devon bruh. (A Devon - referral to 'A Legend')
    And off topic is something like 'A rain of shit posting shall fall on this new section'. (Urban dictionary lol)
    In Off Topic you can say almost everything discusable about everything but NR. :D
    IF you're just saying "I'm cola, kys ni**ers" or "I is the smartest", then yes, this IS a shitpost.



  • I'm confused as to how your thread titled 'I'm in chest' with the body of ayyyyy or something along those lines is relevant to the guild topic, while sure, Chest is a guild, the guild thread is about nillysrealm and it's guilds, not prod guilds. Also the guild thread is for finding guilds or recruiting people, not needlessly bragging about being in some guild on prod. I saw those as grounds to one day ban you

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    @DrWhen *its

  • when used as a possessive does it not have the apostrophe?

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    @Pyrouge the grammar is fine, DrWhen used it correctly. ;P

  • @DrWhen There is no rule against 'bragging.' It was the guild section. My post was about a guild. The section is not limited to NR guilds or guild recruitment. All I had to say was in the title, so "ayyy" was just as good a desc as "title^"

    As stated earlier the thread was relevant to the section therefore not breaking any rules.

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    @Justin137 Actually, thing is that he didn’t use it correctly. Its and It’s follow a different rule than other contractions.

    It’s means “it has” or “it is”, meaning it’s just a contraction combining two verbs, not possession.

    However, to show possession, you leave out the apostrophe. Unlike other nouns through possession, it’s apostrophe is left out, so it can maintain its purpose of being a possessive.

    Here’s an example: I am not following this topic’s point and its (possession), so it’s (contraction) going to be a ban for me.

    @devonlmao Actually, no. I'm quite 100% sure that a prod player would want to set up their guild req's on the forums/reddit they have rather than here. You could've avoided this ban just by placing the topic on off-topic to save your life.

  • @Creeper I was not recruiting. I was talking about 'guilds'

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    @Creeper OHHH facepalm

    Thanks :P :D

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    Let's dab about that :/

  • @devonlmao If the post has no definitive purpose to inform or seek information or to even make a joke relevant to the forum section, then it's a shitpost. Even if you were bragging, you need to make it clear that you were, that's on you, not me.

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