How to stop sitting problems.

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    Okay, so today has been a bad day for the game.
    The servers have crashed multiple times and there have been a sudden burst of hackers killing a ton of people. I myself have lost 2 characters because of people hacking today, calling fake dungeons. Worst part is, some of them aren't even light blue stars; they're dark blue, and even orange(cough DARKTOBIA cough).

    That being said, I came up with a solution.
    Whenever you tp/enter a dungeon(or realm even), you should be invulnerable for 2 seconds, in case someone drags on entrance or calls fake jeebs while standing on top of avatar. This would make you not only invulnerable, but immune to status effects for 2 seconds, so you have time to get out of the way. That way, less characters would die and it would be easier to report the hacker.

    I hope this idea is given thought, as there are a lot of people suddenly hacking/godmoding and it would be awesome if they stopped.

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    i think 2.5 seconds. even though it may be overkill, better be safe than sorry

  • Shitposter

    @G_G_PvP Do u overall, agree with the invulnerability issue?

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    @UnIocked yep, i have lost atleast 2 8/8 characters due to me right clicking the avatar icon, and somebody is standing on it

  • @G_G_PvP yeah i lost an 8/8 to an ava sitter and a 7/8 to a djin sitter but honestly i think it should be 3 seconds because if people like me lag for even half a second we get fked up pretty hard by the buff not registering

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    @ergona2.0 i was thinking 3 seconds. but that is Wayy overkill

  • Everlasting Destiny

    If anything, I feel like the invulnerability should have an extreme small time limit. I'd lower it to 1 second, or even to 0.5, if it gets anything higher than that, it'll be easily abused. That way, it'll depend more on the reaction of clicking your nexus key on time.

    Either way, I feel like nilly should invest his time more on actually fixing the problem instead of finding ways to lessen the damage. In the end it's just another part of Nillys Realm being a test server, hacking is probably something that we're going to need to get used to until nilly finds a solution.

    Although I still do think this idea is good for reasons besides eliminating the casualties of hackers. I've died many times due to this black screen that seems to stay on my screen for a few seconds when I teleport to someone, and then the next thing I know, a djinn comes up and kills me because I am unable to move, see, or do anything at that moment. I'm not sure if i'm the only one who gets that, but I know for a fact it's a lag problem, so you can't really do anything about that, but I feel this would at least lessen the deaths due to it. This would also be useful(as you said), for people trying to drag or people trying to call jeebs, jump onto an avatar and pop back out in order to get someone killed.

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    @TheDivineHero I gave it 2 seconds because it tkaes the human body about 0.5-1 second to react to an unfamiliar scenario. The other second could be used to quickly get out of the way.

  • Lovecraft

    @UnIocked 2 seconds people can chain tp and abuse it for example theres a fanatic right people will keep tping to each other for invulnerability and tank bulleta up front easily and rekt evry boss

  • Shitposter

    @Typhoon they'd need someone who's perm invulnerable for that.

  • You also should have a 1-2 second stun debuff when you tp so you can't abuse it.

  • 27

    So 2 seconds invulnerable and stunned? ^^

  • @Jack-the-Ripper yep that seems pretty reasonable. You deal no damage but take no damage.

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    So you can't 'leech' events, some people just teleport to ex. lotll and give the last hit. :/

  • Shitposter

    Yes, but it would be unfair to people at the current stage. Until the staff fixes the tp problem, where you try to tp to someone but either
    a) Someone nexuses
    b) For some reason you can't tp
    c) Trying to tp to someone but tping to a random spot instead,
    I'm not sure about the stun thing, especially with C happening a lot lately.

  • I don't like this idea. It's your choice to teleport to someone and if they do hack oh well you died deal with it and report that person get them banned. No one is telling you to teleport to someone or go in a dungeon when you do it you risk getting dragged on.

  • I think that maybe it should only be in the realm, as there are more people so more likelihood of hackers.

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