I donated like 7 months ago

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    Someone help about 7-8 months ago i donated 2$ and right after that it said donations are down for now until automated is working and after that i quit now im back i have proof of payment.

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    well, its your fault for posting your ign in the wrong thread. http://nillysrealm.com/topic/2724/donated-waiting-4-rank-3 ... you have nobody to blame but yourself. just Pm Nilly and i'm sure he will fix it

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    I kind of feel like this is a lie, but his account is 7 months old...

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    @matt2117 Omg this happened to me then nilly said i refunded the payment when i didnt...

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    Im pretty sure that when the donations were up 7 months ago, the minimum donation was $10 (might be wrong - EDIT: probably am wrong ngl), so $2 not only sounds wrong, but also a little stingy because it proves most people dont want to donate to help out the server, but instead want to donate just purely for the perks, which is not what donations should be about in my opinion.

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    @LagoonZz funny thing about that is on purpose i donated 2$ twice so back off you aren't helping

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    @matt2117 ooooh, big boy over here found an extra $2 so decided to donate again - come on man, seriously, if you wanted to help the server grow you would have donated a sum of money that is more than you find on the day to day walks around the streets. $4 is jack all, and you know that, but all you want to do is take advantage of the system so that you can get the perks for as little money as you possibly could.
    If this is how you want to treat the game, fuck off back to prod. If you really want to help the server, maybe realising that $4 is really not going to help at all (hence why the $10 minimum Nilly put on recently) would be a good place to start.

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    Yo little faggot you aint helpin anything to the situation no one fucking likes you you are trying to make your self look good, but i wonder what you have donated if nothing your a hypocritical nigger if a lot then your autistic, bitch it said donate 2$ for perks nigga imma donate 2$ for perks so blow me little faggot.

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    @matt2117 I donated $30, no, i am not black, and yes, I am autistic, but that shouldnt affect how I am treated at all. I don't really see how repeatedly insulting me is going to help your situation, because reverting back to the primary school way of verbally attacking someone when you know you have already lost the argument is - well, pretty damn childish.

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    Listen here little faggot ass nigga no one gives a fuck about all dat kid your autistic if someone puts up donations to get perks then people are gonna donate. You dumb nigger i bet you want Hillary to win you fucking autistic cunt god damn 30$ go buy your self food, better yet starve your self fucking nigger ill light your ass up like the kkk

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    @matt2117 First of all, check if the payment was refunded. If not, PM nilly with the proof and info and see if you can work something out.
    Also, keep your childish behaviour to yourself, that includes you too @LagoonZz. You're both at fault here. There is no need to treat someone so harshly and start a flame war just because he thought it wasn't helpful. (Probably for calling him stingy, we could have avoided the situation entirely.)

  • Each of you get a one day ban for the fighting and name calling. >.>

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