a maybe fix to the godders?

  • So i seen alot of godders sitting on avatars and various other enemies to kill people.and this remind me when prod got god hackers.their fix?.making Hp/health server sided instead of client sided. so if u guys make it server sided then they have to hack or crack the servers instead of the client which in my theory should be harder.this whole theory is pointless if the health bar is already server sided :P.so tell me if this is a good theory

  • good idea?

  • @Nellybot good idea. Too bad someone AKA Nilly - that has no name. - and the dream crusher, has already been working to fix the problem. Your too slow. No offense

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    Oh god, server sided detection. I would die all the time because of lag.

  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • @Wizardism Small price to pay?

  • @AstralLink i know but he could also include this in his idea

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    Don't call it a 'God mode'.
    You're not a god.
    Invulnerable > God mode, because godmode is AGAINST bullets, there is no lava protection or granade protection.
    I've seen lots of hackers dead in shatters and also in godlands.
    I was with* a hacker in shatters today and he was killed by lava.
    I'm not 100% sure that he is a hacker, so I'm not going to report him. ^^

    Now, this godmode is 'updated' LAG, bullets can't do any DMG, but even in the lag you can die by lava or a medusa (etc) granades.
    Now the reason I'm saying 'updated' is because bullets CAN'T even hit you - they miss you, but in the 'lag sphere' bullets will hit you and disappear.

    Back on the topic

    Oh god, server sided detection. I would die all the time because of lag.


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    @Nellybot This is the case in prod.
    Edit: This is already implemented, that's why godmode now just has the bullets pass through you.

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