What a horrible day

  • Just felt like I needed to vent a little so I'm going to share my lovely experience in Nilly's Realm today. Basically, today actually started of pretty well. I hopped on my 2/8 wizard with rotmg tops and after a while decided to head into a pac man. Before my game even loaded in, I somehow died. I did come into the dungeon pretty late but that was definitely discouraging to a pretty crappy player such as myself.

    At the time, I had recently gotten my warrior to 4/8 and equipped him with a sky, unholy helmet, captain america's armor, and exa hp. Being the only other class I had available, I started up again to try to relieve some of my frustration. I used all the fame I got from my wizard (About 1k) to get him up to 6/8 and buy a few health potions. I went around the realm and had a lot of fun with the unholy helmet for a while when I decided to try rushing a madlab. It certainly was not my first time and I cleared through what was probably the first half relatively quickly. I looked over at my health bar and noticed that I had dropped down a little bit, between 3/4 and 1/2 health. I walked over to a corner to go recover. The room was completely cleared that I was in, with one of the breakable walls to my left. I think that it had one or two broken, so mobs could come through.

    Then, the server lagged and the other person in the dungeon with me started to run sideways through walls, so I walked into the middle of the room and ran around in circles, which I thought was better than standing still. After about 15ish seconds everything snapped back into place, somehow my character was in the room to my left, and I was on top of a group of many rampaging cyborgs. I'm not sure how many, but it was enough to nearly instantly kill a 6/8 warrior with close to 1k health.

    I was pretty angry after this so I got off for a few hours. At about 10:45, I was still pretty angry but wanted revenge on the mad lab so I made a new wizard to start the process over again, when I saw a person by the name of WooZiT in the nexus advertising that they wanted to buy production items for Nilly's items. I figured that since Nilly's was so much better anyway, I would be fine giving up prod items. I realize now how stupid that was and I think that I only was this delusional because I wanted a quick start back after already a pretty bad day.

    I talked with the guy and eventually we worked out that he would give me 7 fairly good items, including a Captain Sword, an item that I had been working for for some time for some of my RotMG items valuing at about 3 life. I think the concept of gaining such a good weapon for items that are basically useless to me threw me off as well as all of the other factors. Anyway, I went to Asia East and met a guy named DethAlt. I was still a little suspicious at this point, so I told him I wanted to trade one item at a time, so that if he was a scammer I wouldnt get ripped off as badly.

    I traded over a sky splitter sword and recieved an acclaim and ggen on nillys. Ecstatic that I could possibly get this sword, and assuming that if he was going to scam me he would have done it then, I said, ya know what, just do the whole thing at once now. Needless to say, I traded over another sky and some other old tops and when I checked Nilly's the trade had been cancelled and I was left simply with "ty". I tried to pm both accounts, but WooZiT (The guy on Nilly's) had left almost immediately. I actually managed to talk to DethAlt which was surprising but he just pretended like the whole thing hadn't happened. I hadn't recorded the transaction because I knew that even if my ticket was received by an actual person, neither RotMG or Nilly's would care that I lost items on the other's server.

    Again, I'm not really trying to accomplish anything here, other than soothe my nerves after a frustrating day. I hope you all have a better time than I did, and I'm sorry if you actually read up to this point.

    Tl;dr - Couple of characters died and got scammed


    Edit: Added some paragraphs and a Tl;dr

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    Why the fuck..

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    tl;dr He had a bad day, some characters died and he was scammed by WooZiT (although he was last online 6 days ago, so that doesn't make sense.)

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    @Wizardism Thank you fellow forumer.

  • @joeysweden paragraphs, have you heard of them? xD

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    You might also want to add a tl:dr at the bottom

    An example: Tl;dr - I had a bad day.

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    @joeysweden That was a smart way to trade, and at least you got some of your end of the deal. Rip characters, hope the rebuild process goes okay :/

  • @Potman Thanks :/

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