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  • Is anyone getting lag on either servers? Like I understand the Nillys realm bumpy road lag and all that, But it seems like im getting a loss of frames every once a while, Like it skips cuts sort of. Does it about 3 times then stops for a while. I'm wondering if this is a client side issue or if it is my computer.

  • @CowTwoYey its ur pc. if u play nillys on flash try to up the mscale by doing /mscale (try like 1.1) then cruch ur window then it should run better

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    @CowTwoYey playing on Adobe Flash Projector usually works to reduce the amount of lag than if you were on chrome or any other internet browser.
    Other than that, my laptop cost about £50 7 years ago, so as you can probably guess its absolute garbage - to make sure I lag as little as possible, I open up task manager and shut down all programmes that arent essential for me to play nillys and listen to music behind it. If you close your chrome window, for example, chrome will still be running - closing it all down in task manager will fully stop it from running so there should be less lag on your pc.

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