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    I have a 359 cp eevee and 41 candies, so i have a few questions.
    Which one should I evolve it to, and should I power it up with the remainder of the candies first or do it afterwards?

    And yes, this is in the off topic section for a reason.
    Plz no h8 for me playing pokemon go, I just wanna be the very best

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    I mean - plz, no more threads about this game. ;-;

    BTW Charizard ftw.

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    @Jack-the-Ripper I'm just curious ;-; i dont want to fuck up my chance to actually have a good pokemon for once

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    Name it rainer then evolve

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    @Saddoge-New but i think they nerfed the vaporeon didnt they?

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    @LagoonZz eevelutions is more about the taste.

    Get a 600 perfect IV eeve and have fun with the evolution you want

  • @LagoonZz whatever you do dont name it Rainer only works once wait untill you get a higher one then name it Rainer

  • @LagoonZz evolve into vaporian biggest evolution multiplier name your evee Rainer before evolving

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    Rainer = Vaporeon
    What’s good: Reaches the highest CP of all the Eeveeloutions, good DMG and shooting speed, highest HP of all of the Eeveeloutions. Also gains the most CP per candy so all of it and your Stardust is worth.
    What’s bad: Nothing, that’s why it got fucked with the nerf (still cute and op).

    Pyro = Flareon (IT’S SO CUTE OHH MAH GOD)
    What’s good: Highest base ATK (meaning Fire Blast insta-KO’s a Vaporeon even at a type disadvantage (yes, this has happened to me numerous times))
    What’s bad: Lowest HP (as I’ve seen… a 700 CP flareon has SLIGHTLY less HP than a Jolteon), ends up with less CP than Vaporeon

    Sparky = Jolteon
    What’s good: Gets rid of the damn Pidgeots/Fearows, good against a Charizard or Fire-Type in general due to it being Electric, Fire takes more damage, had very few weaknesses due to its only weakness being Ground… in which that’s a Rhydon or Onix/Steelix. And also attacks the fastest too, if you get Thunder Shock. And is a good competitor against Vaporeon.
    What’s bad: Lowest CP of all Eeveeloutions, which makes it quite unappealing. Also gains the least CP per candy if you want to power it.


    Mostly... you should just go for Vaporeon, but if you have it, go for the others too... they're a great addition to the team.

    An obvious tip: Use a Charizard against a Dragonite if you get it to that level, and if your Charizard knows Dragon Claw, it can easily beat the living hell out of Dragonite (due to Dragonite taking more damage against Dragon) while not taking any more damage itself (due to Charizard simply being Fire/Flying, not Dragon (except its Mega Evolution (x)(which that’s not in the game)))

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    What lvl are you because generally I focus on player level before feeding or evolving

  • Alright, here we go.
    Do not power up until around level 20, because it's waisting star dust until you have good pokemon. I would wait to evolve that evee until you have one around 500, but vapo is the best. (The water type one) So make sure to name it Rainer to get it. The fire type only is next best (can't spell xD), and Jolteon is the worst. I would get one of each tho, for different types. But start with Vapo.

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