Jugg vs Unholy Helm

  • Hey guys, I was wondering which helm, jugg helm or unholy helm, would be better for a starting out warrior? I plan on using a CC armor if that makes any difference in your guy's recommendations.

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    Well, jugg's kind of like a stay-in kind of helmet, allowing you to eat a lot of shots within a mediocre amount of time.
    On the other hand, Unholy Helmet's more of a hit-and-run tactic or simply to take a HUGE burst of damage for a very small amount of time, although only enough to last a few hits before you become vulnerable again.
    I'd suggest to actually get both if you can get both, otherwise most people simply prefer the UH helm due to its overall safetiness.

  • @Creeper So would you still recommend the jugg since I only have enough pots to max the def, and nothing else like the life or vit.

  • @Creeper Also, another question. What about ring? I was think between the Lava Ring and the Pyra Ring. But the difference is pretty small stat wise, and its a 500 Fame difference.

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    @WaifuRem You have to take note: defense can only protect you as much as 75% of the damage taken, so provided that you have CC (30) + jugg (10) and max DEF (25) so that’s 65. X2 means it’s 130 DEF. That sort of helps, like withstanding a hell-load of a Skull Shrine or taking down high DEF bosses or mobs that can inflict heavy damage (Ivory, etc.).

    But yeah, I think a jugg would be a good starter-friendly item giving DEF and DPS for a bit of time, as if you happen to mis-time your Unholy Helmet, it ends up being more punishing if you mistime the usage, for you as you say that you can’t reach max HP, one surprise shotgun and the UH Helm's gone.

    I really don't know how to go further, other than this. Sorry man.

    one sec, fixing up the ring answer. didn't notice

  • @Creeper No man, thank you very much! I just started playing Nilly's Realm, and warrior was one of the funner class for me on the regular servers. So, I think I get what you are saying. Jugg is better for starting warrios, while unholy helm would be better if you are able to time it good, and for the more expert warrios. However, what would you suggest for ring? I have about 1k fame to spend on a ring.

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    @WaifuRem Yea.

    I normally go begging for creeds on a warrior. Warriors benefit so much from DEX (that's why their helms give berserk... it just brings their DPS over the roof). Not only does Creed give DEX, but it provides SPD, DEF, and HP, allowing a more flexible style with a jugg.

    If not the creed... yea, I think I'd stick to a pyra or Pizza Ring (a weaker bracer but very cheap). Or even nile (unless you'd like some DEF in the mix)

    [edit] Oh yea, also Unholy Helmet buffs the whole group, fyi, not just yourself. It's a good party helmet.

  • @Creeper Alright, thanks for all your help! Ill probably go with Jugg hearing what you had to say. And ill see about the creed ring, and give it some though.

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    @WaifuRem You're welcome! :)

  • On prod you can resist up to 85% of damage on here only 75% so if you already have a lot of defense i'd use uh helm

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    Personally I prefer Jugg over UH Helm any day. Sure, you may have a small amount of invincibility time because of the UH Helm, but directly afterwards you'll have only the speedy buff making it more difficult to dodge attacks. Chances are you'll benefit much more from 4.5 seconds of Armored than 1.5 seconds of Invulnerability (with the much heftier MP cost) unless you either avoid the enemy entirely afterward, or kill it within that time.
    I recommend UH Helm only for; Dealing burst damage, or negating enemy burst damage/very sticky situations. Just my opinion, although I believe Jugg is a far superior choice. Get both if possible, so you're ready for any situation.

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    Jugg is the tanky helm good for strong shotguns such as bedlam and oryx, also perfect on glands as it doesn't give speedy and doubles your defense.
    UH Helm is for very dangerous situations, a brief example is in shatts when people run to the bridge and drag a shit load of mobs, you can use it to pass with just a few scratch but as a penalty your MP would be pretty low to spam the helm.

    Take both(as UH Helm works as a T6 swap and jugg as a tanky-rushing helm for the speed bonus)

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    Jugg-gland farming.
    Unholy helm-the reason you lived in that one jeebs against oryx.

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