Getting the idle disconnect during loading screens

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    So just now, I've been unable to enter any portal about half the time, because during the loading screen, the game tells me I've been idle for 4 minutes, and then immediately dc's me for being idle for 5 minutes.
    All this happens in about 5 seconds: it's like the game processes 5 minutes of loading screen in 5 seconds.

    Has anyone else gotten this? Does anyone have any idea how this happens and/or how to fix it?

  • Ive had it before but I am not sure what i done
    try restarting computer
    Switching servers
    Uninstall and install flash player (if you use flash player)
    that's all i can come up with :/ try them though.
    Or wait for a few hours maybe

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    I've seen multiple complaints about this bug, the cause of this bug doesn't seem to be known but the staff will probably take a look on this

  • It keeps happening to me too since yeasterday. Just entered wc and got kicked, because of idle. It's really annoying.

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