Best heavy chest for warrior?

  • I was thinking CC is a good pick since it give 30 def, and im using a creed ring, so I gain a bit of dex to help make up for the -10.

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    I personally choose Card Armor, Magma (if no card), or if I ever had it: Cap Armor.
    DEX for warrior is very crucial as it benefits more from DEX than ATK. If you happen to get a Jugg, you REALLY don't need the CC, but it's optional.
    Oh wait, a better variant of CC is the Ent armor, as it provides a smaller debuff in DEX but provides HP/VIT which helps.

  • @Creeper Yeah I have a jugg, which I decided to use. So ill see the differences from the Card Armor and Magma Armor, and see which one I would like better. Thanks again creeper!

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    @WaifuRem Yea, you're welcome ;)

    Magma's a cheaper yet a much more speedy version of Card Armor, but Card Armor's pure destruction on top of a nice blend of defense to it.
    And also, Magma's not that far of price from CC (only 300-600, maybe 250 if lucky)
    (and it's very easy to find cuz it's from the Ghost Ship event)

    [edit] Actually, don't go for Card Armor unless you REALLY want to pay REALLY high prices due to the lack of Jeebs to find the queen, and not even get the white in the first place.

    No really though, if you really like to go defensive, I suggest the Ent armor as it's a really nice defense option with high DEF, VIT, and HP, only losing 4 DEX/SPD which the creed covers.

  • Why not fairy plate? 20 defense, 40 hp, 40 mp = awesome balance

  • the best set for now. btw when u get to the late game u will notice def att or dex is not a priority and you really need a lot of hp to survive. let me explain it is because most things ignore armor like if bes armor breaks u or even a common white demon ignoring armor

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    Card Armor/Cap Armor in my opinion, if you can't afford those go for a Fairy Plate. They're all well rounded armors for a warrior. A definite no to CC on any max def melee, it's just not worth it with the 25% of damage not negated by def whereas prod is only 15%.

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    Card or Capt is good for a warrior. Magma is good for only a PALADIN. If you cannot afford it
    For me i would suggest Fairy or CC, CC depending if you have max dex. But mostly use fairy it has really good fuckin stats.

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    (The set that the other guy talked about)
    I personally like the corpse, because its a fusion of an acrop and cc, which i love.
    And if you have a ubhp and maxed life then you can get above 1k hp.

  • @Pyroflame Cap, UH helm, Card, Reactor

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