110% Triggered

  • Just started playing Nilly's again since the wipe when a few hours in and 3rd or 4th sphinx this happens
    Kill me Please
    I've been playing on the prod server for a bit over 4 years, never gotten the Jugg as a drop. Its the last UT I don't have but desperately want and then I get it on Nilly's where its actually kind of bad and outclassed so hard by other helms.

  • The Love shack

    It's outclassed by Pizza Helm, and nothing else. Use it, it's better then the others.

  • Trading Moderators

    It's not outclassed by any helms (pizza as an exception), a lot of the other helms are more situational whereas jugg can be used pretty much anywhere effectively.

  • Outclassed was the wrong word for it, I should have said that id rather use an unholy helm over the Jugg because the group effects and the reduced dmg reduction cap and GGen over Jugg because longer effects and reduced mana cost, I'm still going to use it but I'm also going to be salty about it for a while.

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