Flaming Bow any good?

  • Is the flaming bow any good? It seems a bit hard to aim with. I was thinking it could be good in tombs, but very very situational.

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    When you get used to it, it's a solid choice. I actually aim better with boomerang compared to dbow. There are several reasons why I recommend it; easy to aim, decent damage, ability to attack around corners, armor pierce, great for circling bosses such as o3. Anyways, you should at least give it a try. The bow may not be for some however I'm certain it was fairly cheap recently and you could always resell it if it's not for you.
    I personally love the boomerang, it's great in many situations, although I recommend carrying at least a tiered bow or coral bow with it.

  • @Wizardism honestly i agree it is a solid choice once you learn how to master it

    if you do learn to master it however it can be a devastating weapon to pretty much everything not in a tight space because thats its 1 true weakness is tight halls and corners but if you carry a swapout like cbow (or even a uh bow) you shouldnt need a dbow

  • @Wizardism and @ergona2.0 alright thats to both of you. ill give it a try!

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    Hmm, I don't use the Flaming Bow because I can't afford it. Although I see people using this great bow. I suggest NOTUsing this bow depending if you get used to it or not.

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    It's very punishing due to the high arc of the shots, but it's so rewarding once mastered due to almost higher range than any other bow (except blaster, boshy, and admin) on top of having incredible damage per shot, and the 50% fire rate isn't as punishing as Doom Bow.. But still, a solid yet superbly cheap choice.

    If you think you can truly master the Boomerang, you can simply dump out the Dbow as it's pointless on high DEF due to this bow's armor-piercing.

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    its very good creeper explained it very well.

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