Help i keep crashing back to character menu

  • uck the hackers

    ok for some reason this month as ive been playing, if i start fighting a boss, like literally any boss in the middle of fighting it i will be sent back to the character menu, this has never happened before and my computer isnt bad, i dont know whats happening please help me fix this. The only way i can fight a boss is by giving it a couple hits then back off for a minute then start hitting again and repeat, if i dont, like i said, i go straight back to the character menu. please respond as soon as possible i really want to play.

  • Donor

    it's happening to everybody, i'm sure it's just some lag issue due to nilly trying to find a way to stop godmode hackers

  • uck the hackers

    god why do hackers have to ruin it for everybody.... thanks for the feed back anyways man.

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