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  • I have cleared my history recently and it has cleared all my passwords, and I can't remember what my password is, I was playing because I was logged and remembered password or something before, but now I can't. I've sent an email to change my password to my mail. My email is a school email ( and my school has blocked the game. The email will not send or show up into my mail. Is there some way I can change or find out my password or something? I know Nilly cannot change emails.

  • why would you not write it down...

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    @Hesselmen Why the fuck would you use a school e-mail?

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    Have you checked your junk mail/etc. Try to send the "forgotten password" email at both home and school. You should really try to remember your passwords, if something like this happens to a main email or something it could be a huge problem trying to reset it in the future. Log into your account manually sometimes so you don't forget the password.

  • @Wizardism Yeah, I've tried it at home and checked all different mail options in my email. I quit about a half a year ago a few months before reset and when I came back on it was logged in already so I forgot.

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    Okay, here's my attempt #2 at trying to fix this problem. It might only work if the file had restore points. I could check my old passwords/accounts logged in at that time by doing this, hope it works. Side note: This works with Prod too.

    Step 1: Go to the Appdata folder. In the search menu type %appdata%

    Step 2: Locate this folder: /Users/whatever your username is/Appdata/Roaming/Macromedia/Flash Player/#SharedObjects/whatever this folder name is/

    Step 3: Right Click>Properties>Previous Versions and if you have any restore points, select one of them and choose Copy... (Just copy it to your Desktop for ease.)

    Step 4: Open the file. (even Notepad, etc. may work.) This file should contain your login data including your email and password.

  • I went to previous versions and didn't find anything.

  • :( this sucks

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    I'll see if there's anything else I can do, but first what did you play nr on? Which browsers have you used to play nr, and did you use flash projector? (More importantly, which browser were you on when you deleted the history?)

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