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  • I understand that Nilly said that the server would deal with more lag that usual because of the new code being implemented, but I'm curious as to how long this lag will persist? It hasn't been that long that I've had to deal with it, two days at most, but I have yet to go more than 15 minutes without at least one DC. I've even had instances wherein I've tried using /marketplace or /nexus, and the text on the HUD will load, but nothing else. A few seconds later, it DCs me saying I've been idle for more than five minutes. I don't even know how to begin with investigating this, let alone solving it. Worst part is, I can't run anything that even remotely resembles a dungeon. DCs in Sprite World, DCs in Oryx, DCs when fighting Ghost Kings for God's sake. With the current economy as inflated as it is (not blaming Nilly for this, it was inevitable after the wipe) I can't come close to affording pots to max my character beyond 3/8. If I can't get a resolution for any of the above problems, I'd gladly settle for a simple explanation. If I can't even get that, then... I guess I'll just keep on keeping on.

  • There's currently a hacker outbreak going on. Nilly is in process fixing godmode. Right now, the amount of hackers decreased significantly, but the problem still persists.
    Though i didn't answer your question, i gave you some additional information. Im still very confused about what causes lag, because there are multiple sources, moving left and right, telling truth and lies, which don't give me any true answer.

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    Keep getting dc'd mainly in o2... ;_;

  • @Vasya I still appreciate the input. I was already aware that Nilly was making efforts to get rid of the godhackers, I simply assumed from some other posts I saw in Whine Cellar that the process was already up and running (not to mention perfected). Which just has me asking more questions than I initially had. Hopefully, it will get cleared up a little further. If not here, then in some other post.

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    @Ganron use flash player bro

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    @Ganron What's happening is nilly is trying to find a permanent way to fix godmode. In doing this, he is grabbing a lot more data from the client side. This causes immense and immeasurable lag.

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