Limited Edition Items

  • 烧烤酸奶 ( BBQ YOGHURT )

    Just so there could be something "eventful" to spice up the game anyways.
    This is all depending on whether the admins are actually active and willing to do it.

    What it will be like:

    Items will be dropped from a variety of bosses for a period of time, by editing the drop-table every period of time.
    They can be implemented from good sprites and stats from the forums.
    As a result, people will farm more for the item during that time, and would feel more special if they get the items.
    At the end of the day, the items will be removed from the droptables and will become quite rare and expensive.
    This gives a reason for people to collect the items to feel "special and unique" to get a rare weapon in a limited time
    You probably know what I mean from the title of the page, right...?
    I mean, they have already been doing this, could they continue more on it?

    Here are my points:

    • More items would be considered and implemented into the server,
      bringing more life to the Design and Idea Forums. They would be balanced or maybe slightly stronger to fit their rarity, something like a stronger sword being dropped for 1 week, but there were only 20 swords that dropped in the game.
      Before you even do that, you will get shot down by sprite critics, so don't even try. Only the best spriters can succeed :/

    • Something to feel special of
      As you know, most items have been becoming cheap because the economy is always inflating with new loot and people dying.
      Similar to the marketed Guardian Sword and Vorpal Sword, it is however based on whether the rarity of the items are high. The more people farm it, the more items there are. However, you can only get it in the limited amount of time. The items would eventually be at a constant number until people start dying with it. The items will become expensive eventually, and people would feel "something" towards having something unique.

    • Adds more items to the economy, and fame becomes even more precious.
      Rich people would "maybe" start paying their huge amounts of fame they accumulated, easier for lucky people to get better fame instead.

    • Not all people would get overpowered that easily
      There are only a selected amount of items availible, and only those numbers would become useful in tackling stuff over the long run.


    There wouldn't be any challenge yet if you got all these items to clear most content
    Collect em' all, maybe?

    This suggestion is whether the admins would actively help in content in the game.
    But we have idle bug, hackers and oa to be fixed so....

    I'd like to see your opinions on this
    I feel like I'm forgetting something.

    more items more content but less punishing on economy (idk)

  • @Food
    Amazing idea! I have nothing to criticize about (probably atm, i dont feel awake).
    But a few questions:
    Are limited items strictly limited, so that they won't appear ever again in game?
    Will certain limited items be soulbound, or all of them will be tradable?
    Will the drop rate be dependant on boss strength? (eg. murderous megamoth 1/400, limon 1/1500)

  • Touhou

    Ah. Just how prod did the turkey time items, but not reskins. I like it.


  • honestly i think for a limited time all the admin sets have a 1:3000 drop chance from events and hard bosses would be pretty bloody cool xD

  • 烧烤酸奶 ( BBQ YOGHURT )


    Ideally, it is nice to make it related to the boss strength of the boss. However, something like Uh wand dropping at 1:300 is already quite rare to drop from bedlam.
    This is however, balanced if the duration to get this item is longer.
    Soulbound is a nice choice, but you won't feel the joy of having it that much since you can't sell it if you know what I mean, like the forge of gladius sword thing.
    If the item becomes extinct/too rare, they might introduce the item back again.

    Maybe something like this can be coded:

    LT - Limited Tier
    Then at the bottom, usually below soulbound, the xml would state something like "Only (number) currently exists in the game."
    Hard to code, but it's an idea.

  • @Food the LT part would be the harder part to code but you have a pretty good idea here food

  • Sex Guns

    Sounds like the kind of item "xXprogamerXx" light blue star player would get.

    Personally, I don't like the idea of "LT" items, people would practically just focus on doing that one event that drops it, because the item would have to be good, and everyone wants good itens.
    If you want to keep the items balanced, they might not be that useful, since we have a lot of good items that are used all the time, 24/7, and other UTs are less used.
    If you make them rare and powerful, then it becomes the new BGUN, an item that gives some players an edge, it's not that fun when a BGUN user kills a thing before you can get a hit in.

    I'm not saying that this is a bad idea, just that I personally do not like it.

    That gives me an idea, how about a contest, that happens every month, where people create new sugestions for items based on a theme, you can only submit one item, and the community selects one item out of all of them using a vote system.
    The winning item becomes one of those LT items.
    Basically, you get one week to make an iten, submit it for review, if it gets accepted by our critics, it gets into the list of itens that compete.

  • Famous Forumers

    @Marty I like that idea, but people could just make a bunch of alt accounts and vote for themselves.

  • @Pyrouge said in Limited Edition Items:

    @Marty I like that idea, but people could just make a bunch of alt accounts and vote for themselves.

    I think it will be easy to detect such people.
    If they "just created alts", you can see the join date.
    If you seen some suspicious alt that participates in cheating, try to watch its behavior.

  • Sex Guns

    @Pyrouge There are ways to prevent that and ways to identify that.
    Creating a thread and people writing down their vote. Obvious alternate account votes could be ignored.

  • Touhou


    Maybe we could have it voted on by specific people. Like this:

    Nilly announces a deadline for all of the items to be completed and submitted. That does not mean that you cannot edit and mold then to suggestions later on. All entries need to be marked with a specific tag. On the deadline, Nilly calls on a team of 10-20 nominators to nominate items for the contest. The nomination team is filled with spriters, staters, and veteran players.
    Nilly then calls on a team of final voters to vote on all 10 - 20 nominated items. These are the staff members, former staff members and people that have at least 5+ items currently in-game.
    After a vote is reached, the item is implemented.

    There's my method. Might have been stolen from the osu! Beatmap submission system.

  • 烧烤酸奶 ( BBQ YOGHURT )

    Doesn't really have to be overpowered or not useful,
    the thing is that by manipulating the time and droprates the item is availible, you could make the item "rare" in that sense, where people can collect. Just something that people can do to collect the items in the game, as well as having implementing new sprites and ideas, with stats. Of course, BGUN really shouldn't be in the game :/ , except for the boshy curse which bans the user from using BGUN at the end of a certain period like what a certain someone did.
    Thing about reskins in the game are that they are really bad to see new sprites but with the same old stats, however it just reduces the strain on the economy by having around the same price, with the exception of sprites being judged for prices. I wouldn't want to see another Bow of Hesperides and Tremor Staff having the same stats, but they could be buffed slightly, like +10-15 damage, or having +0.1-2 range compared to the original. Making it limited means that only a few will get it. People might pay more for it, to get stronger.
    More items would be implemented too and people will keep sending more bad ideas to the game.

    Also, things like the lava paladin set dropping from a ghost ship is just bad, when there are like no other "fire" related enemies left to have a balanced droptable, by freeing up space, new items could be implemented, but having the almost same loot:risk ratio

    I'd also like your way of a contest too, but it's basically what my point is. Contests help to better evaluate an item to be in the game, but does not necessarily need to be permanent in the enemies' droptables.

    Admins are not active that much, and this idea takes too much of their time :(

  • Banned

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do this after lag is fixed or ppl will rage so hard cuz they cannot access places without disconnecting.

  • @Fulmi
    Let's say, this is actually working. For instance, Nilly doesn't have enough time. Either that, or we demand too much .-.

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