The Nile Empress

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    Oh, a new set?


    There aint no tl;dr so don't look for one.

    This is a suggestion to change an already existing set, The Heavenly Monk. Since this set drops from Bes, calling it "The Heavenly Monk" doesn't make the most sense, unless Bes is secretly a monk. However, this is not the only thing that I think should be changed. I suggest to change the entire theme of the set to something that relates to the Nile and surrounding area. You know, like pyramids and tombs within the pyramids and all that. It makes much more sense, seeing as how the dungeon which these items drop from is called "Tomb of the Ancients."

    Purple - Not a needed change, but would make more sense with everything else
    Magenta - A highly suggested change and the main focus of this thread

    This is what would appear on the wiki:
    "I see them in day
    I watch them at night
    The evil I encounter
    Will quiver with fright
    They may run and
    They might hide
    But my future sight
    Is always right"

    First, let's talk about the staff:

    0_1472261818483_Noble Magic.png

    This staff is the better twin of the Staff of Astral Knowledge by 2 def, 2 spd, and 2 wis. That's it. There isn't anything special or unique about this staff whatsoever. Talk to Pringle, he'll tell you all about it!
    Changing the staff to this new version would make it more unique, as it only has one shot with heavier damage. The new piercing effect makes it easier to get those enemies out of your face, as the only other staves that pierce are the Staff of Esben, which is not the best, and the Steel Shocker, which could be better.

    Name: Staff of the Serene Stream

    Description: This weapon was crafted beneath the crushing force of the Nile and is able to summon part of the mighty river itself in battle.

    Shots: 1

    Projectile: Water Storm

    Projectile Size: 200

    Damage: 150 - 150 (Credit to the main man Pringle for the idea by the way)

    Range: 7

    • Spd: 100

    • Lifetime: 700

    Amplitude: 0.5

    Frequency: 1.5 (Amp and Freq are here so that it is not as visually mundane with 1 shot)

    ROF: 100%


    • +3 Def
    • +3 Wis
    • +40 HP

    Fame Bonus: 5%

    Shots hit multiple targets

    Black: Unholy Staff
    Pink: Staff of Insanity
    Red: Cosmic
    Blue: Serene Stream
    Green: Great Climbing
    Purple: Steel Shocker
    Orange: Endless Torment

    (The XML for this is at the end if you wanted to look at it)

    Next, the orb:

    0_1472263841878_Orb of Heavenly Sight.png

    There is nothing really wrong about how this orb already is, but I personally never liked using it. I still preferred to use a T6. It gives a damaging buff, but the Orb of conflict already had this buff, making it less of a unique orb, even if the duration was twice as long. The Conflict Orb also does not curse, which made this orb a better choice for higher dps, thus making the speed buff the only purpose for the Conflict. The MP cost also seemed like a bit much.
    Here is my idea of changing this orb... no stasis. Just an orb for long periods of cursing. This makes it so that one is able to curse a bigger group of enemies without having to worry about applying stasis to some of them by accident and ruining a good beat down. It also lasts longer than other tiered orbs, making it better for really homing in on that dps.

    Name: Mirage Orb

    Description: Looking inside this orb causes hallucinations of ones greatest desire, cursing them to see it before their very eyes but never being able to reach it.

    Curse Duration: 5 + 4(WIS)/30 if Wis ≥ 30, otherwise 5 seconds (75 Wis = 15 Seconds)

    Curse Radius: 4 + 2(WIS)/30 if Wis ≥ 30, otherwise 4 tiles (75 Wis = 9 tiles)

    MP Cost: 110


    • +5 Wis
    • +25 MP

    Fame Bonus: 5%

    As for the robe...

    0_1472266979092_Heaven Monks Apparel.png

    I don't think anything needs to be done to this robe stat wise. It is a very appealing robe, and it doesn't even give a boost in dps. The only changes that I made here were to match the rest of what I changed.

    Name: Pyramid Emperor's Apparel

    Description: Much like the Nile compliments the tallest of pyramids, the crystal riveted to the belt adorns the robe.


    • +15 Def
    • +60 MP
    • +7 Wis
    • +7 Spd

    Fame Bonus: 5%

    Finally, the ring:

    0_1472267395128_Crystalline Necklace.PNG (This sprite change is ranked as purple) 0_1472267519011_Crest.png

    Okay, I'm sure that's not the first time a sprite shaped like that has shown up here, but it's what I ended up with. As we ALL should know, there are WAY too many rings in Nilly's realm and is near impossible to make anymore. I wouldn't say that this ring stands out with the way that it currently is. However, I think that this change may make it a bit more usable.

    Name: Crest of Crystalline Celestial Forces

    Description: The power of the crystal will light the way through the never ending sands for all to live under eternal harmony.


    • +50 MP
    • +50 HP
    • +9 Spd
    • +5 Wis

    Fame Bonus: 5%

    Before --------> After

    +40 HP --------> +90 HP
    +125 MP --------> +135MP
    +17 Def --------> +18 Def
    +14 Spd --------> +16 Spd
    +19 Wis --------> +20 Wis

    Although most of these changes are very slight, the stats aren't as much of a focus as the usability of the items. The HP seemed too much of an after thought at first, so I thought I'd give it a little boost. Otherwise, it was just a small improvement.

    What's a good set without a skin? Here is the Nile Empress (ranked purple):

    0_1472268292173_Nile Empress.PNG 0_1472268323783_Nile Empress RL.PNG 0_1472268714117_Nile Empress B.PNG
    With dyes (Large pink and small purple):
    0_1472530157660_Nile Empress w dyes.PNG 0_1472530170040_Nile Empress RL w dyes.PNG 0_1472530193206_Nile Empress B w dyes.PNG

    XML for the staff:

    <Object type="0xa97" id="Staff of the Serene Stream">
    <Description>This weapon was crafted beneath the crushing force of the great Nile and is able to summon part of the Nile itself in battle.</Description>
    <ObjectId>Water Storm</ObjectId>
    <ActivateOnEquip stat="0" amount="40">IncrementStat</ActivateOnEquip>
    <ActivateOnEquip stat="21" amount="3">IncrementStat</ActivateOnEquip>
    <ActivateOnEquip stat="27" amount="3">IncrementStat</ActivateOnEquip>
    <DisplayId>Staff of the Serene Stream</DisplayId>


    Ring: 0_1472269077152_Crest8x8.png


    • Facing the screen: 0_1472269110951_Nile Empress8x8.png
    • Right and left: 0_1472269128985_Nile Empress RL8x8.png
    • Facing away: 0_1472269144647_Nile Empress B8x8.png

    Hmm... Some items really do need a change. This may not have been the best example of the items that need them, but we can't have constant additions of items when the ones we already have are whack! Don't be afraid to suggest some changes to already existing items. We really need 'em.


  • Good Idea. But is overall good, because no one uses orb lol.

  • Famous Forumers

    fuck u i already made a skin
    i guess i can work with you because there are small edits that need to be made >:^(

  • The Love shack

    Turtle just got triggered.
    Aside from that happening, I really like the set (Or at least, the names) Good job :)

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    This is the type of work i like!
    You've put so much effort on it! I like that!

    The idea itself of a rework seems interesting, i don't see many people using this set(lets face it, its kinda trashy).
    But with these changes, i'm sure they will bring new options for mystic and the staff/robe classes.

    And the set skin? I don't know how turtlebat will improve it but looks pretty great!(Turtle is the best spriter besides BLOODQWEN i've seen in here)

    9/10 and +1.

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    LOVE the new orb. Its the type of item mystic needs :^)
    (especially when you suck at spacing like me ;-; )
    Not a fan of all the name changing (and definetly not of the changing of the staff projectile sprite) but overall, I like this.

  • Famous Forumers

    @ClrPnk Good, but please choose a description for the set that is not copied off of Green Lantern...

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    Oh, my b. Where it at tho? And what, you don't like working with me? Too cool for ClrPnk!?
    But you can change it up if you wanna or even just use the one that you made.



    It was already like that, I just changed "Heavenly Monk" to "Nile Empress." Creativity at its finest. B^I
    I didn't know that's where it came from.

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    Why do I always forget stuff and remember them at the most random moments...? :<


    • A dps graph for the staff
    • A before and after for the stat totals
    • The skin with alternate colors for dye placements


    • The quote that would appear on the wiki

    Pretty lame excuse for a bump if you ask me.
    I'm outtie after this until my next 'great' idea tho unless a certain someone wants to hook me up with that skin that they said they made.

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    @ClrPnk Large should be red and small should be green for dye, I believe.

  • Shitposters

    Shit ton of effort you've put in, love it +1

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    A tiny piece of critique:
    The Nile Empress skin kinda looks like she has a nurse hat on and a nurse robe. Could probably do that with dyes
    This is fine but wanted to comment on that

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