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    Just wondering - what would be the best tomes to carry around as a priest?
    t5 tome
    t6 tome
    geb tome
    uh tome

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    T6+prot+uh tome are all I ever used. Switch T6 with T5 if you wish.

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    T5's for people who die from speedy.
    T6's for ones who like speedy for a mere +5 MP cost.
    Prot's a staple on any priest due to its armoring status.
    Imo, I'm a fan favorite of the UH tome due to its high healing power and purify, just lot of MP cost.
    Geb's just a cheaper UH tome with less healing power, a speedy boost, and a measly +5 DEF. On prod, it’s a nice tome due to purification being a not-so-accessible item, but in nilly’s realm, it’s better to have a UH and T6 combo.

    As wizard said above: T6(T5 if you can’t handle or afford T6)/UH tome/Prot is all you need.

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    thanks for the quick replies :)

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    why isnt t0 on this ????????? UBMP with t0 spam op

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    @Cutie Haha, would do that here and there, but really though: it’s the life saving death through one use rather than multiple.

    On a unmaxed priest (with nothing), a T0 gives a 84 heal use with using ~ 55 MP. Out of 280-300 MP, I get ~5-6 shots, for a total of 400-500 HP restored. However, a T5 usage within 80 MP gives 264-268 HP per use and in 280-300 MP, I get a total boost of ~700-800 HP within 3-4 uses, and even more if I wait the heal out.

    And for the life-saving death, T0 would save you from a godland shot (1-2), but it would surely do no good on an Oryx 3. T5/T6 allows 2 shots if instant and 3 if you wait the heal before you [unintentionally] take another shot. UH tome saves you from a hell-load of shots right after through its approximate ~400 HP heals and purifies, allowing massive instant-shot recoveries. Prot heals the first few shots, but it gives protection for future shots, allowing more to be taken with no stress.

    Don't mind me if I did some math wrong or my statements aren't true. .-.
    Calculations may vary based on equipment.

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