Quick, Cheap Deals.

  • I've got three or four pre-made deals going on over the next three days, so I'm going to list what I have for sale that I don't need at full price. This wont be anything like 25%-50% off, morelike 15%-10%. Still thought it might be usefull to lower the already-low prices to wipe stocks.

    Mana: 80
    Random Tops: 170-500
    UBHP's: 750
    Pixie: 1000
    Ancient Spell: 1000
    Etherite Dagger: 1000
    Jack The Ripper: 1750
    Alamandine Armor of Anger: 500
    Oryx Set Sword: 650
    Inc: 100

    Oh, and I'll sell 4 Alamandines for 1800, and all 3 St's for 2750.
    Also selling 8 mana for 500.

  • Lolicons

    Vouch for him, bought sun staff, st spell, and deca ring, went fast and easy

  • Famous Forumers

    @CoreCancer First of all, what is a Jack the Ripper??? Is it the skin? Second of all, I will buy whatever random tops you have.

  • @Pyrouge jack the ripper is a rogue skin worth 16 life... its a halloween skin

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